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www.gmail.com – Gmail, also known as Google Mail, is one of the most popular email services of the world. Like any other email service it is extensively used to send and receive emails, block spam, generate address books, and perform other specific email tasks. Moreover, it has certain unique features that make it one of the most admired email services of the web.

How to do Gmail Sign up and Login to www.Gmail.com

To make a new Gmail account, you need to give some of your basic information such as your name and date of birth, and you have to select a login name as your new Gmail address. Once the account is created, you can start adding contacts and adjusting your mail settings to your ease and use.www.gmail.com sign in

  1. To create a Gmail account, visit www.gmail.com and Click Create an account.
  2. Type your first name, last name, and your desired login name.
  3. You can check availability of your user name to make sure that your desired login name hasn’t already been used.
  4. Then type your desired password, security question, and the answer to the question.
  5. Gmail will also require verifying your account. If you have another email address, you can type it in the Recovery email field. If you don’t have another email address, it can be left blank, but you’ll be required to provide a contact number on the next page for verification purposes.
  6. Then, type your place and birthday.
  7. You will also be asked to type the word verification.
  8. Finally you need to review the Terms of Service and click I accept to make your new account. When you initially create your account, you will be automatically signed in, while you’ll be required to sign in to your account, and then sign out when you have completed your work.

For Logging in to Gmail account just go to www.gmail.com and enter your username and password, and click Sign in. Similarly, to sign out, click your email address on the right corner and select Sign out.

Best www.gmail.com Features

Gmail has lot of features, ranging from standard features to some more unique features as produced below.

www.gmail.com Features

Priority inbox

Priority Inbox is a feature that automatically identifies important emails and segregate them from the rest. Gmail uses contacts that you interact with regularly and keywords that are used in your emails. You can guide this feature how to work for you. Select an email and use functions to mark these emails as “more important” or “not important” for future use by the priority inbox feature.


Labels are used for arranging emails by folders. You can shift emails into various folders, or even keep emails in the inbox with a labeled tag. In Gmail, labels can be defined with user’s particulars and can be assigned a color.             The main benefit of labeling is that a single email can use various labels indicating important messages. Stars help in locating special or important emails thus functioning as a reminder to review these emails and reply if essential. The default yellow color can be changed by choosing from variety of colors and similarly symbols to indicate different types and importance of emails.


Filters allow you to direct the course of incoming messages. With filters, you can automatically mark, save, delete or forward your mails. It is very helpful module for managing and processing emails

Tasks Feature

‘Tasks’ is a feature that functions as a to-do list, where you can add dates and important notes and works to do. To access Tasks, tab Tasks in the Mail Menu and type anything relating to creation of tasks. You can create sub-tasks and re-arrange items. You can also check the tasks when you have completed a task and select Clear completed to hide them.


Additional www.gmail.com Add-ons

Google has offered a variety of add-ons for Gmail functions called “Labs Features”. You can utilize these “Labs Features” to your own Gmail account at any time according to your own convenience and utilization.

Gmail Forgot Password | Gmail Account Recovery

In case you forgot your password or if you face problem signing in your email, Gmail provides few options to recover user accounts i.e. resetting Gmail Account Password and contacting Google Support Team

Password Reset. If you think that your account has been hacked or someone else is using your account with the same password, you need to change the password as soon as possible. To do so, just the website online and enter your Gmail login name to continue. If you had previously provided a phone number for verification, a recovery code is sent on the mobile number by Gmail and subsequently you can reset your password instantly through the code forwarded by Gmail team.

Communicating with Google Support Team. In case problem is not resolved by the recovery procedure Google team can be contacted through the online web page.

Gmail Outlook Settings

By synchronize your Gmail account to Outlook on a laptop / computer, you can then take your e-mails with you as they will be stored locally and synchronize up when you get a valid connection again. Additionally, you can write replies to E-mails being offline and they will be automatically send when a valid connected is established. First of all, you must make sure that the Gmail account you are using has IMAP access enabled. After this, launch Microsoft’s Outlook programs and click the Tools button. This will bring down a menu, which will have an option called Account Settings. Click Account Settings and it brings up a drop down menu full of options. Find the tab E-mail and there add a new Account to Outlook by clicking New button.

Gmail HTML Version

Gmail has two types of views; Standard view and Basic HTML view

Standard view is the one that is seen when a user signs in to Gmail from a browser that is supported by the website. This view gives access to all Gmail features. While the Basic HTML view is what is seen by signing in to Gmail using a browser that is not supported. This view is compatible with almost all browsers but it does not support features like chat, spell checker, shortcuts, filtering feature, managing contacts and formatting options.

Gmail Drive

Gmail Drive is a free extension (“add-on”) for Gmail. Gmail Drive uses the inbox of the Gmail account to store files and creates a virtual file system in the user’s account, facilitating the user to save and utilize files stored on the Gmail account directly from the web. When the user creates a new file using Gmail Drive, it generates an e-mail and posts it to the Gmail account’s inbox. The e-mail appears in the usual Inbox while the file is attached as an e-mail attachment. Gmail Drive regularly checks the email account to update if any new files have arrived and to revise the virtual drive’s credentials.

Several computers can be connected to a single Gmail account thus making Gmail Drive a multi-user server for files and documents utilization.

Gmail Desk Top Feature

Gmail has a built in desktop app option for quick notification and alerts that helps you to instantly receive and reply emails and messages. To use this feature effectively, Open Gmail in Chrome and sign in. Then click the ‘cog’ icon to select its ‘Settings‘. In the “General” button tab the section named ‘Desktop Notifications’ and click ‘enable desktop notifications’. Now select New Mail Notifications and ‘Save Changes‘.

Now, whenever Gmail is opened in Google Chrome, you will see notifications of your new e-mails as per your settings. Clicking on a notification will open it up in Gmail, while those you decide to ignore will vanish from your desktop.

Gmail Documents

Google has provided a unique feature of linking email messages with Google documents. This feature enables saving of emails and messages in documents. Documents can be created using the Lab button where documents can be created. Emails, messages and texts can be saved, edited and exported as pdf files as well. It is a very useful feature and is easy to use because of its simple functionality through simple process.

Gmail for I phone, Android and Windows Phone

I Phone

Google allows an instinctive use of Gmail on the iPhone. It is quite easier to set up and configure your Gmail on the iPhone. Search “Gmail” in the App store and install it on your iPhone. Or you can download it to your computer and sync the work station with your iPhone to install the application. Open the app on your iPhone and log into your Gmail account. This will take you to your Gmail account, including all email features. The app lets you access your mail from any mobile device, and you can even begin compose emails from your phone and send it from the desktop PC. However, It does not give you access of your contacts list from the app therefore you have to type the contact’s name to send an email.

Android Phone

Google have made it very easy to set up Gmail through an Android phone. To setup your Gmail on an Android phone, Go to Settings menu and then Accounts & sync settings on the mobile. Tab Add account and select Google for your Gmail account. Now Sign in your Gmail Account by providing your complete email address; your username and your password. Then select the services you like to sync and tab sync. Your Gmail account is ready and synced on your Android device.

Windows Phone

Google has not provided a Gmail app for Windows Phone users other than search app that is available on the Windows Phone.


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