WordPress or Blogger which is better platform to choose

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wordpress or blogger

WordPress or Blogger which is better platform to Choose

WordPress is a popular content management system and open source blogging platform. Lots of popular blogs as well as websites on the internet including TechCrunch, Mashable, New York Times and People Magazine are using it. However, users very often become confused about choosing the right platform for their websites. You can choose WordPress or Blogger. They both have something in common. On the other hand, they both have some advantages.

If you cannot take decisions about choosing WordPress or Blogger, you should check your requirements carefully. WordPress has many advantages over the Google blogger. If your requirements fit the criteria, you can easily choose WordPress. Moreover, WordPress is more popular too. In fact, WordPress is offering better flexibility, customization and extensibility options than Blogger.


WordPress offers two forms of websites. If you already have personal website, on your domain, you can download as well as install the WordPress. In this way, you will be able to manage every aspect of your blog.

On the other hand, if you are preferring to stay out of technical mess, then WordPress is the perfect option for you, as WordPress.com is offering free hosted and free blogging solution with lots of paid upgrade packages including advanced analytical packages, custom domain and themes. You can choose anyone from above. It will not alter the data storage of WordPress.com.

WordPress will store your data in an XML format. In this way, you will be able to transfer your site to any other WordPress blogs or content management system. On the other hand, blogger is actually a closed system. It stores the contents in a proprietary XML file. For this reason, moving content will be far more difficult with blogger. It will also require time consuming as well as complicated file conversions.

wordpress or blogger


If you are going to self-host the blog in WordPress, you will be able to add functionality very easily to your website. For adding functionality, you need to install WordPress plug-ins. While integrating content from other sites like Facebook.com, your plug-ins will allow you to customize your blog with just few clicks.

As plug-in system is actually built in WordPress platform, directly from the WordPress dashboard, users will be able to install add-ons. However, blogger gadgets are similar to the plug-ins of WordPress, but the functionality of gadgets are very limited. Moreover, it is also difficult to modify or customize the structure of a blogger site.


In addition to plug-ins, WordPress themes can also be installed with just few clicks. WordPress themes will allow changing the look of your site very easily and quickly too. The WordPress system has thousands of free as well as paid themes available to download.

However, changing of themes is also easy in blogger, but the collection of themes is pretty smaller in blogger. In addition, while integrating a custom theme, there is no easy way in blogger to install the code. Instead of that, one needs to copy and paste the code from a HTML interface for utilizing custom themes.

Search engine optimization

Even though blogger is a creation of Google, it lacks many search engine optimizations, which are available in WordPress. Sites powered by WordPress have several optimization options for Google, Bing and yahoo.

In addition, WordPress sites have different sort of meta tags, which are used by search engines for determining the way of indexing the pages. For this reason, WordPress sites will automatically place higher in the search engine rankings.

However, if you are still confused about WordPress or blogger, you should check the following facilities. WordPress allows the user to create usable backup of almost everything but it is dangerous and unpredictable in blogger. Aesthetically pleasing feel and look is another important facility of WordPress. It has been found out that the WordPress sites load faster than the blogger sites.

In addition, WordPress offers better control over the tags as well as categories. At the back end, WordPress offers much better comment management. In addition to all of those features, the content management system of WordPress is much more user friendly than blogger. Now you should not have any more confusion about choosing WordPress or blogger.

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  1. Sohail

    November 13, 2013 at 2:38 pm

    Hello Krishna,

    Well no doubt wordpress is the best CMS for blogging as it is a one click install we can do whatever we want, like customizing themes, editing, flexibility, default SEO and many more. Blogger is also great platform which is 100% free and great uptime.



    • Krishna Veni

      November 16, 2013 at 9:17 pm

      Thanks for your comment Sohail. As you Said WordPress is easy customization and Blogger is full free Blogging Platforms


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