[How to Tutorial] Steps to Install WordPress in hostgator using Fantastico

WordPress installation in hostgator Using Fantastico  Step-by-step WordPress Hostgator Installation tutorial

Among all the hosting companies available, Hostgator is one of the best. You will love it from the moment you start using it. They have the best servers and customer support as well. Everyone using hostgator is satisfied with them. Reading reviews about hostgator in the internet can help you to understand that fact.

Hostgator WordPress installation is not difficult, but if you are a beginner, you may find it difficult to install it manually. For the beginners, it is better to use fantastico to install WordPress with just a few clicks. In this tutorial, we will let you know about hostgator WordPress installation.
For hostgator WordPress installation by using Fantastico, you do not need to have any knowledge about databases. Here, let us look at the step-by-step tutorial on WordPress installation on the hostgator.

Installing WordPress on Hostgator

  • At first, you need to login to the Hostgator control panel.
  • After logging in to the control panel, you have to scroll down and find out the services/software segment.
  • Now, click on the item named fantastico.
  • After that, you will be redirected to a new window. At that window, you will find several software as well as content management system (CMS) available for installation. As we are going to install WordPress, you have to click on WordPress button.
  • At the next window, you will find list of sites using fantastico. If you do not have any site using fantastico, there will be nothing on the list. However, as we are trying to install a new copy of WordPress, you have to click on the “new installation”.
  • After that, you will find out the WordPress version that is going to be installed. Currently Hostgator Fantastico is offering WordPress 3.5 for installation. Later you can upgrade it to 3.6.
  • At the next page, you will see the domain names available for installing WordPress. Now, you have to select the domain on which you are trying to install WordPress. If you are going to install WordPress on a subdirectory, you have to give a name to that subdirectory. If you do not want to install WordPress on subdirectory, please leave it blank. Now, WordPress will be installed in the main domain.
  • After performing all of those actions, you will find the “Install WordPress” button. You have to click that button to start installation.
  • The most important thing about Fantastico is that you do not need to handle your database at all. That is why If you have very little knowledge about databases, you should use Fantastico. However, Fantastico will create the database username as well as password automatically. It will also fill out the details automatically.
  • At the next page, you have to click on the “Finish Installation” button to complete the installation of hostgator WordPress.
  • At this step, you will be shown the admin username and password. You should make a note of it so that you do not forget.
  • Before clicking on the “Back to WordPress overview”, read the notice carefully.

For watching how your site is looking, you have to go to the url in which you have installed WordPress. Moreover, you can now login to the admin panel by adding /wp-admin/ next to your url. It is the easiest way to install WordPress on the hostgator. However, at any time, you may need to move local server to live. In that case, check out our next article, which will contain in detail tutorial about how to move local server to live.

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