Download Windows 8.1 update as well knows Windows blue Download

Windows Blue – Windows 8.1 update a revised version of windows 8

Windows 8 has been released last year (2012), on that moment Windows 7 user are near to 67 crore. Microsoft said, soon windows 7 users will move to windows 8 during windows 8 releasing ceremony. But happened is different. Lots of people complaint about windows 8 and most of the complaints are against the new features. Microsoft tried through Public Relations Companies to sell windows 8 that also failed.

Main complaint is against the Start menu, which has been removed by Microsoft in the windows 8 version. Next complaint is very difficult to use the windows 8 operating system by the normal user as well as the people who knows computer very well. Because of those issues, most of the British, Indian companies are still using windows XP and windows 7. Now Microsoft realizes their mistake and come up with their updated version called windows 8.1 and windows Blue.

These types of mistakes are not new to Microsoft. When windows vista released, widget, Desktop and screen looking all good. But it’s flopped because of its slow performance. Same thing had happened in Windows Office too.

Download Windows 8.1 update

Issues in Windows 8 and need for windows 8.1 Update

In windows 8 applications has accessible in two ways. First one is touch screen and second one is desktop type. Yes you can handle some applications through touch screen and some through Desktop. Because of those two different types, people got confused which application will use by which type?

So some people thought no need of two methods. We will move to our old operating system windows XP or windows 7.

Recently Microsoft announces about windows 8.1 update (windows Blue). Now users are expecting in windows 8.1 update all those issue and difficulties will be removed.

How to Download Windows Blue or Windows 8.1 Update Download

Download Windows 8.1 Offline Installer 32 Bit

Download Windows 8.1 Offline Installer 64 Bit

Downloading windows 8.1 update or windows blue is easy for Windows 8 user, who already bought windows 8. Now Users can download windows 8.1 update from the windows store for free. Windows 8.1 update is free update for all windows 8 user. Windows 8.1 release data is on June 2013. Very Soon we can expect windows 8.1 update (windows blue).

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