Whatsapp Java Download for Mobiles Baixar Para Yowsup

Whatsapp Java Download for Baixar Para Mobiles Nokia Samsung Mobiles   – Whatsapp is the best cross platform messaging app. It’s very popular. Since its acquisition by Facebook, Whatsapp has been under a lot of development. New features are being added. This app can also be used now using a web browser. This app is used by over 700 million users. Whatsapp is most popular on Android but it can also be used on Whatsapp Java for Java phones.

Whatsapp is real fun. It’s easy to use. It’s fastest among similar apps. New features make it incredible. But it’s not free forever. You have to pay for it after using for a year. But that’s ok. The charge is minimal. Overall, this app is great and really a joy for people who wish a great connectivity experience for themselves.

web version of Whatsapp is out now. It’s a great alternative to Whatsapp Java for Java phones. Now you can use it directly through the web browser. It’s still in development. It’s easy to use. A new account can’t be created there. You can just add your existing whatsapp account . Still, it works perfect.

Whatever the platform may be, the Whatsapp app is always the most secure way to communicate. It offers a glitch-free experience. Interface is smooth too. Anyone who owns an android device, generally prefers Whatsapp over any other IM service. Many Developers try to deliver such experience with Whatsapp Java and other third party apps.

Official version of Whatsapp for some operating systems are not out yet. Also, this app is not open source. So there has not been much third party development of this app. Still, there are some working versions for Whatsapp Java and Bada phones. That  is very useful. Links are provided below.

Enjoy all Whatsapp Features with Whatsapp Java

Whatsapp Java and for other platforms is a very impressive app to use. Useful features of this Instant messaging app are countless. You can text your friends and chat with them . Or you can just record your voice message and send it to them. That’s amazing right?

Files and images can be sent through Whatsapp. You can click your pics and send it right away. Videos can also be delivered with great speed. The quality of multimedia files remains the same. They are sent without much compression. Whatsapp has also introduced the calling function recently. All these features make Whatsapp Java, a ‘must install’ app.

  1. Instantly message to your circle.
  2. Send pictures and videos quickly.
  3. Supports stickers.
  4. Voice messages can be sent.
  5. Call directly via Whatsapp Java.

Download Whatsapp for Java.

I. Download Whatsapp Java/Symbian for Nokia Java/Symbian S40 phones.

Whatsapp released Whatsapp Java/Symbian version a long time ago. You can directly install it to your phone. It’s a small file.Download it. Install it. And enjoy.

Visit link. : http://www.whatsapp.com/s40/

Note: Try this. In java phones, open the .jad files though the browser. You may get installer the file. Then just download it. Install and open.It Works only for some phones. Or you can try other third party whatsapp developer apps. Links are mentioned below.

II. Download Whatsapp Java for Java phones.

Sometimes, the official link doesn’t works.  It depends upon the phones. Different models support different whatsapp versions. But don’t worry. That’s not it. Whatsapp developer versions are also available. Many of them work.

If the official app doesn’t work.Try these. :



Steps to follow.:

  1. Visit above links.
  2. Download the jar file.
  3. Copy the files to your java phone.
  4. Install it.
  5. Run.

Note for Developers: To work with Whatsapp, there is a need for API. But there isn’t an official API available. That’s not a problem. Yowsup is still available. It’s great to use. It can be very useful in building apps that require whatsapp support.

Visit Yowsup here: https://github.com/tgalal/yowsup

III. Download Whatsapp for Bada OS phones.

Whatsapp is not out yet for Bada OS phones officially. But you can find many other versions of Whatsapp for Bada phones. Just like Whatsapp Java. This version works on.:

  1. Samsung Wave S8500.
  2. Samsung Wave II.
  3. Samsung Wave 3.
  4. Samsung Wave M.
  5. Samsung Wave Y.

Steps to follow.

  1. Visit here. :

http://www.4shared.com/file/POFaLxRi/whatsapp_bada.htm?locale=en   [Jar file]

http://www.samsungdownloads.net/download-id-308595.html  [apk file]

2.Download the files to your PC.

  1. Connect your phone to the PC.
  2. Transfer both of your files.
  3. Install.
  4. Run the installed file.

Note. : The above is not an official version. It is developed by third party developers. So some glitches may occur. Some user may find some glitches . Working may not be smooth. It just provides you the features of Whatsapp through your Bada phone.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Whatsapp Java and for Bada platform are very useful apps for its users. They promise a premier user experience of Whatsapp to the non-supported platforms. Still, they are not official. They are still under development. Patches are released frequently. So, for now. Just Download. And enjoy.


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