15 Best Website to Watch Cartoons Online in HD for Free

Watch Cartoons Online – Not many years back, if anyone wanted to watch cartoons, then he or she would have to wait for a specific time (and for some, even for specific days of the week) to savor that delightful half-hour. A lot has changed since then, and it is now a lot less hassle free to watch your favorite cartoons. You just have to log on to a website, select the episode/series and play! That is as simple as it gets no complications at all. With that, let us look at some of the best websites that you can use to watch cartons online.
Watch Cartoons Online

Watch Cartoons Online

One of the best locations that you can chose to watch cartoons online is www.watchcartoonsonline.eu. This is one of the biggest resources of cartoons online. It has cartoons in different formats, including standard and even HD formats.

To watch any of the available cartoons in HD format, you only have to click on the “HD” option that is present in the video men. The player even remembers your choice for 24 hours. This means that the next time you watch another cartoon on www.watchcartoonsonline.eu, it will know the version of video that you like to watch.

Watch Cartoon Online

This website works great with all browsers, though Firefox or Chrome is the more recommended ones. Unlike other free websites that offer similar services, there are very few ads on watchcartoonsonline.eu. In case the cartoons that you want to watch are not there on the site, then you can request for the same.

It is a very light website, so even moderate internet speeds should be able to run it just fine. Shows are sorted by name, genre and years. You can find any cartoon from the year 1937 to 2016. Large varieties of animated movies are also there on the website.

Right from the classics of 1937 to the modern Animatrix and the Batman series, there is a lot that you can watch on this website. For all cartoon lovers, this website is a must try!

Kiss Cartoons

For the ones looking to watch their favorite cartoons in high quality, kisscartoons.me is another great option. They have a large collection of some of the best cartoons over the years, including animes as well. Unlike other video hosting websites, you will not be spammed with ads when you open kisscartoon.me, which is a great thing.


The list of cartoons is sorted by their name, new cartoons, latest updates and their popularities. If any cartoon that you like is not there on the website, then you can request for it from the “Request Cartoon” tab.

One of the best ways to narrow down your search is by the “Search By Status” tab. Thus, if you are watching a cartoon series that is still running, then you can chose the “Ongoing” option, else you can go by the “Completed” section if it has already concluded.

To view the cartoons on the website, you have to create an account first. This is not that long a process, taking only around 5 minutes of your time. Right from 101 Dalmatians to 64 Zoo Lane, the Batman Series and all others are there on this website.

If you are in the mood to just watch some good cartoons but do not have a particular one in mind, then you can check out the “Hot Section” for the most popular ones out there. You can even view the “Just Updated” tab to see the latest ones.


Toonget.net brings hundreds of animes and cartoons together in a very user-friendly and easy to navigate website. The first thing that you will see when you open toonget.net/cartoon is the list of shows that they have, with options to narrow down the results by name, genre and year of release.

Toonget moves to the point straight away, without making you go through any surveys or ads. You can watch both completed shows and those that are still going on. They have the usual American and English cartoons, as well as Koren Drama and anime.

It is not just a site to watch cartoon videos, but has a large number of manga as well. Besides that large collection, you can also watch dubbed anime on toonget. This collection includes the likes of Angel cops and 3×3 eyes apart from hundreds of other titles.

That is not the end of it though. You do not need a PC/laptop to view the extensive collection of cartoons that toonget has. Their Android Mobile App, known as Toonmania, is a great way to watch your favorite cartoons on your smartphone.

The Toonmania app is updated regularly to keep the interface and playback as smooth as possible. With all these features and collection, toonget is definitely on way to become one of the best cartoon streaming services.


ToonJet is one of the most popular names in the animated industry. This website is almost like a social media for cartoon lovers. You can sign up and create a profile of your own. Here, users can add their favorite cartoons, comment, rate and add them to their lists.

There are no strings to the ToonJet membership. You just have to fill up a small form to sign up for the membership. You can then build your profile, add comments about specific cartoons, interact with other users and get involved in the community.

The ToonJet ‘Live’ feature is just like your regular TV channel that shows cartoons. You can check this feature out and view whatever they are currently showing.

ToonJet has a section dedicated to its ‘Featured Cartoons’, which you can browse if you have nothing particular in your mind. The ToonJet Cartoon blog has recommendations for the best (and the ‘worst’) cartoons over the years as well.


WatchCartoons.com is an excellent source, with one of the most diverse cartoon collections on the internet. They have cartoons, movies and animes. Right from Southpark to Mike Tyson Mysteries to Uncle Grandpa, all seasons and episodes are available on their website.

Watch Cartoons

On their homepage, you will find a list the latest updated episodes from different animated series. Further, you can search for a specific cartoon/series by the Year it started from, upload date, genre and other criteria as well.

The only recommendations for using the site is that your screen resolution be above 1024×768, and that you are using a new browser like Firefox or Google Chrome,

This is not just a website for kids, but has cartoons for adults as well, including action anime and manga. Since it is an indexing service, any particular hosting service being down does not affect their services. All videos run using Adobe Flash Player.


Sidereel.com has one of the largest collection of TV shows on the internet, including animated and non-animated. It aggregates cartoons from various websites, so chances are that you will come across other websites on this list when viewing cartoons on Sidereel. Alternate links to every cartoon and episode are there in it.


Cartoonson.com allows you to watch High-definition cartoons on your PC. That is not all though- it works on all mobile and tablet devices as well. The cartoons are streamed from other open source websites, so there is no issue of fake/illegal links as well. It has cartoons including the Jetsons, TMNT, Ghostbusters and many others.

Disney Junior

Disney Junior, as you may have already guessed from the name, has all Disney channel shows. This includes both animated and non-animated TV series. Watchdisneyjunior.go.com is a great website for kids of all ages.

Super cartoons

Supercartoons.net is a heaven for lovers of the old classics. It has the likes of Pink Panther, Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry among many others. Some of the latest cartoons of 2015 and 2016 are also there on it.

Nick Toons

Nick.com is another website specific to cartoons from the Nickelodeon channel only.  It contains a collection of all videos and episodes of the most popular Nick Toons. In addition to that, there are many games on it, as well as the Nick Radio.

Cartoon park TV

Cartoonparktv.com has your favorite cartoon in HD quality. They regularly update the site to make streaming faster. You can search for your favorite cartoon/anime from its genre/name, or pick one from the popular list.

Cartoon Movies HQ

CartoonMoviesHQ.com contains animated series as well as dubbed cartoons. This includes ongoing as well as concluded series. Animes with subtitles are available as well.

Watch Cartoons Online

Watchcartoonsonline.co contains animated TV series as well as movies. It has a comprehensive collection of cartoons including both the classics and the latest ones. Movies based on cartoons are available too.

New Grounds

Newgrounds.com is not specifically a website for watching cartoons. It has games, audio, art and a lot more. The cartoon collection covers all major genres and has some of the best series that have come over the years.

Anime Flavor

Last but not the least in our list is animeflavor.me. You can access the website on a mobile device as well. It has a vast collection of animes, cartoons and animated movies.


Thus, with this, you now know the best websites and services that you can use to watch cartoons online. So what are you waiting for now? Log on and start watching the best cartoons today!


If you know any other website to watch cartoons online share in comments.

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