Warn me When Closing Multiple Tabs in Firefox

Firefox has option of  Warn me When Closing Multiple Tabs But Sometimes it won’t Work.

With the “Warn me when closing multiple tabs” option selected Firefox will show popup or Warning message like “You’re about to close X open tabs. Are you sure want to continue?”  But Sometimes it won’t Work,This post Explains you to how to resolve it

Reason Behind why its not working is Simple, You have choose the option

In the Firefox Option – > Privacy -> History Tab The Option Never remember History has chosen. Because of that option what ever tab opened by Firefox is not remembered so if you click the close button immediately it closing the firefox without any warning . i .e Firefox  is not remembering the tab count

But If you chose the option Remember History it will have cookies and History details which is not needed. So change the option like Use Custom History and Select the option ” Clear History when Firefox Closes ” This option will delete all the History when firefox closes.

Please Choose the option as mentioned below to Warn me When Closing Multiple Tabs in Firefox

This option enabled “Warn me When Closing Multiple Tabs in Firefox” and If you tried to close the firefox it will show the warning message.

Firefox has designed the option like that only.Please Provide the comments about this tutorial and the post.Comments are welcome.

Click the image for full screen.

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