30 Most Useful computer shortcut keys and Window 7 shortcut keys

Shortcut is always faster than normal process. So in this post am going to share most useful computer shortcut keys for you all. By this shortcut keys you can use the computer very quick and fast.

Why we have to use computer shortcut keys?

So many task can be easily done by shortcut key when its compare to normal. Example if you want to open My Computer in windows machine, you need to click start program with use of Mouse and then My Computer. Instead of that, if you press “Windows Key + E” button it will open My Computer. Now you will have a question how much time it will save for me? Obviously it won’t save much time, but it will make to use your computer easily and quickly.

Okay Now will see, what those Most Useful computer shortcut keys

Most Useful computer shortcut keys and Window 7 shortcut keys

Most Useful Computer shortcut keys
Windows ButtonOpen/Hide Start Menu
Windows Button + EOpens My computer
Windows Button + ROpen Run
Windows Button + LLock your System
Windows Button + DShow your Desktop Screen
Windows Button + MMinimize all opened Application / Software
Windows Button + FSearch for File or Folder
Windows Button + TabAero Filp all opened Application
Windows Button + PDisplay Mode / Projector
Windows Button + UControl Panel\All Control Panel Items\Ease of Access Center
Ctrl + ASelect All
Ctrl + CCopy
Ctrl + VPaste
Ctrl + XCut
Ctrl + ZUndo
Ctrl + YRedo
Ctr+ F4Close the Active Pane of an program or Application
Ctrl + RRefresh a Webpage in Browsers
Ctrl + pOpen Print Dialog Box
Shift + DeleteDelete a File or folder permantely
Alt + F4(Function Key) Close the Active Application
Alt + Tab ButtonSwitch Between Opened Application
Alt + PrintScr ButtonTake Screen shot of the screen
Alt + Space BarOpen MMC Menu of the Application
Alt + FOpen File Menu of the Application
F2Used to Rename a Selected File or an item


Some other useful Windows 7 Shortcut keys

Windows Button and Two Time continuous U button key help to shut down your Windows XP machines.

Useful computer shortcut keys

CTRL+Shift+Esc -> Helps to Open Task Manager Quickly

Windows Button + +Plus Sign -> Zoom in

Windows Button + -Minus Sign -> Zoom Out

In this post I have shared only most useful shortcut keys and much needed keys for our daily use. If I missed any useful windows shortcut key kindly share it via comments.

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