My Unique Online Marketing Strategies Which Always Works

In a competition becoming stiffer in the online environment, creating and following an efficient strategy has become essential. It is natural, as long as without a solid strategy to develop an online presence cannot be sent key messages to the group of potential customers.
In defining your online marketing strategy you should analyze the factors affecting online sales. Each of them plays a vital role in determining the success of an online presence.

Online marketing Strategy 1: Online promotion via LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Network is less known and less likely promoted as is specifically addresses to people who own businesses, are self-employed or seek a job. More than friendships, LinkedIn aims to develop a business platform.
LinkedIn offers a range of possibilities for marketing and social media solutions.

1. Give time to personalize your profile.

If you give a simple search on Google by Surname structure usually occurs in the first 5 results the LinkedIn profile of that person. Pay special attention to achieve a great profile – add as many personal items to give the brand personality, use a representative image to the profile picture, include a blog or links to sites that are active or that are related to your field.

Use the hyperlink by using keywords. Use words and phrases that attracts, instead of simply writing “Blog” can change in “Blog about marketing strategies”, etc. This is an effective way to greatly increase your traffic, a simple and fast SEO.

Write a compelling and interesting biography, always causes the reader’s attention. Use even a video presentation or tell people who you are, what you do or how you can help.

List college or university that you graduated – so you can catch up with former colleagues, perhaps teachers can participate in discussions about the field that you studied – all of which are effective ways to increase your contacts list.

2. Free advertising campaigns on LinkedIn

Because LinkedIn is especially meant for business, likelihood your ad to be viewed by people completely disinterested is very small. You can convey your message quickly to a very large community, selected on the basis of age, industry, function, company size, etc.

3. Create groups and join existing groups.

4. Do updates always and get involved frequently.

Synchronize the posts from your blog with LinkedIn profile through applications like WordPress LinkedIn or Blog Link.

5. Use LinkedIn applications to maximum capacity

You can create presentations, use your LinkedIn applications. Here, you have some tips to promote your LinkedIn account.
LinkedIn has chosen as one of the ways to monetize the network: LinkedIn Ads – targeted network advertising. Because it involves a network of professionals, CPC or CPM average cost is much higher than in the case of Facebook and the possibility of targeting is little stiffed. But the set-up is simple and reports are fairly complete so that you can use and promote yourself with this channel.
LinkedIn profile provides instant access to an amount of information that helps the one who accesses it to outline a professional picture. It’s kind of a complex electronic card, which not infrequently, can facilitate with a significant percentage the work of your clients.

Online marketing Strategy 2: Communicating with forum members

  1. Steep increase in traffic after registering and becoming regular contributor in forums. Participating in forums discussions is a great way to gain organic traffic. Let me show you one case study which I had to work on my Acne treatment site.
  2. Registered in 3-4 high traffic websites related to acne treatment.
    Helped many visitors for a month helped by giving them answers.
  3. Never added signature or promoted my website until 1 month.
  4. Later on after gaining trust on those forums, people started asking me to give some references.
  5. I felt this is the right time to show them my website and I got awesome responses, sales increased, subscribers increased.

Online marketing Strategy 3: Marketing via Press Releases

Write awesome news. Something punchy, shocking, worthy for visitors.
Gain subscribers (Here my idea is: giving only 70% news. For remaining info I am asking visitors to get subscribed.

–    I haven’t seen any company using this strategy.. But it worked for me and for every press release I am gaining almost 500-700 new subscribers..

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