Can tablet PC replace laptop? | Tablet vs Laptops

Tablet Replacing Desktop and Laptops:

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Nowadays most of the people are using tablet PC.I read like, in future Tablet-PC will replace the Laptops and desktop soon. We find why they said like that and it’s for you.

Power Consumption:
Laptop won’t come near to Tablet-PC in power. If Tablet recharged for 3 hours, it can be used for more than one day, but laptop not more than 3 hours. Consumption of power by Tablet-PC is very less when we compared it with the Laptop.

A Tablet-PC doesn’t affect by Virus, but in future it may be. But in laptops, mainly in the windows so many virus and Malware function are there.

Weight and Carry:
Carrying Tablet-PC is very easy and weight of the tablet is very less. Carrying a Tablet PC and using in it a bus or taxi also very comfortable.

Price and Cost:
Cost of the Tablet-PC is decreasing day by day; sonly it will come in the price of normal people also can use it, like mobile phones.

Internet facility:
Nowadays Tablet is coming with 3G and 4G connection. Otherwise we can connect internet through USB modem. Some PCs are coming with default internet connection with some special network provider.

Lots of free and paid applications are available for Tablets in the internet; we can download these applications and we can use it freely. Like PC we can install and uninstall the application in the Tablet PC very easy.

Laptops are coming with memory of 1TB+(1000GB) to more than that. But Tablet PCs are just coming in the 16GB to 32GB only.

Simple User Interface:
Using application in Tablet PC is very easy.

We can connect the tablet PC to system or to any other Tablet PC is very easy through the Bluetooth. We can connect to Bluetooth headset, keyboard and so on.

Social Networking:
So many people can’t live without the social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and so on. Accessing the Social networking sites in Tablet-PC is very easy and quickly

Switch on the PC takes so much time when it compares to the Tablet. Tablet PC are not taking more than a second to switch on and switch off.

People who are using the computer form mailing, work in documents, connect with MS-lync , Social networking and small applications.

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