How to switch Back to Yahoo Classic Mail – 2013 Yahoo Tricks.

If you have a question “how do i switch back to yahoo mail classic?” In this article am sharing   how to switch Back to Yahoo Classic Mail. previously also I have posted one post for How to switch Back to Yahoo Classic Mail.

Actually Yahoo came with new mail to make sleek, stylish and fast, But you need a faster internet connection and advanced browser to use yahoo new mail. If you don’t want new yahoo mail style, then you can switch back to your yahoo classic mail.

Old Method : Steps to follow to old version of yahoo mail

  1. Disable Java Script in your Browser!
  2. Open Yahoo Mail! ; It will say something like “JavaScript not enables, do you want to Switch Back to Yahoo Mail Classic” or something like that!
  3. GO ahead and do that!
  4. (Optional) Enable Java Script!

But the above method won’t work now. Then you are asking which method will work? This below method will work 100%

New Method – How to switch Back to Yahoo Classic Mail – 2013

For this method first you need an outdated browser.

Steps to switch back to Yahoo Classic Mail – 2013 Yahoo Tricks.

  1. Download an Outdated Browser. I Downloaded and install Netscape 8.
  2. Open
  3. Enter your username , Password and login to your mail.
  4. Now you will get message like,

    You’re almost there, but your web browser doesn’t support the newest version Yahoo! Mail

  5. You get a two message option below to that mail. One is update your browser and the second one is return to your previous version of yahoo mail.

How to switch Back to Yahoo Classic Mail You’re almost there, but your web browser doesn’t support the newest version Yahoo! Mail

Under “To return to a previous version of Yahoo Mail” Heading, you can see two messages with link like.

1) Just this one time, go to a previous version of a Yahoo! Mail
2) Return to a previous version of Yahoo! Mail

If you want to use one time Yahoo Mail classic then click the first link (go to a previous version of a Yahoo! Mail). If you want permanently to move yahoo classic mail then click second link “Return to a previous version of Yahoo! Mail.”

This method will work 100%. If  you tried and worked for you Kindly update the comments.

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  1. frank says

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for this information!! I hate all new versions of Yahoo Mail, and much prefer Yahoo Mail Classic. Your directions made it easy to get back to where I want to be.

    Thanks again for the help! You’re the BEST!!

  2. Wanderer says

    No joy.
    Tried Version 8, 7 and 3. The new yahoo mail abomination loads on 8, wont even try to log in on 7, and version 3 gets a landing page that says you are in 1997 and must join this century to use the internet (paraphrased).

  3. ken says

    tried to do it but it still looks like the new mail but has a line at top right saying, upgrade o newest yahoo mail. Grrrrr. I hate the new mail

  4. wayne says

    Every single time you log in you have to click remind me later to keep your current yahoo mail classic. and you will be required to click it every single time now. If you call them they now will not allow you to switch back like they did two years ago when they upgraded to the all purple version. It is very frustrating I agree with all of you. I’ll be happy to help in any way I possibly can. Just be kind and sweet and let’s all get along.

  5. joe says

    Now yahoo mail doesn’t allow you to log in without switching to the new mail. I guess the email that they sent out about a month ago saying that all users MUST switch to the new mail was correct. UGH!!! Why can’t they leave well enough alone??

  6. cla says


    I downloaded Netscape 8 and tried to log in to my yahoo mail account, but it won’t log in. What can I do? I really want to get back to the yahoo mail classis version.


  7. Russel1 says

    Went to check my mail,and in order to read it I was forced to downgrade from yahoo classic mail to the new yahoo mail.I despise it!Using it is like switching from a jet fighter to a crop duster.

      • Gwenn Morreale says

        Yep. The way that had been working (to go to search) now no longer works. If anyone knows of a way, please please please….
        I just wish that Yahoo would go back. Enough people have complained, but maybe we all have to leave for them to get it.

        • Krishna Veni says

          Hi Gwenn, Yahoo fully upgraded its mail, So its not possible to move back.(according to my knowledge) But you can connect your Yahoo mail with outlook.

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