Secret of Speed up WordPress Site Yourself with Maxcdn

Speed up WordPress – WordPress is a powerful open source tool mainly used by bloggers all over the world. Importance of WordPress can be imagined, upon knowing the fact, that it powers about 23% of the Internet. This platform is very easy to get used to, and too many developers are interested in building plug-ins and themes for this. And since its Open Source, it’s always a cheaper option to prefer.

Why you should worry about your WordPress site loading speed.

Upon all these plus points, there is a drawback about wordpress: It’s comparatively slower and can be sluggish sometimes, if it’s not configured properly.

The longer your website takes to load, the faster you are going to lose your visitors. For a faster site, The Time to First Byte or TTFB must be the least. The quick loading of a wordpress website is not only important to hold your visitors, but it’s equally important to maintain and increase your site rankings in search engines.

How can we Speed up WordPress site?

What we’ve are Listing here, are the most important solutions for Speed up WordPress site. It’s very essential to use the best WordPress hosting option. The technologies and services that the Web host provides directly decide the speed of the WordPress website. To consider and choose a certain Hosting option, these two things are most important.

  1. The Web host’s uptime
  2. Server’s response time.

According to popularity among users and the Website load speed, we have sorted out a list of some WordPress Hosting options.

  1. Bluehost
  2. Site5
  3. WP Engine
  4. Inmotion Hosting

Need for a CDN to Speed up WordPress. [MaxCDN]

In order to Speed up WordPress site, the Requests to the server must be responded in the least time possible. If the main server is very busy handling too many requests from users from all over the world, it will be inefficient to deliver a fast loading web site. Here a Content Delivery Network (CDN) comes to the rescue. A Content Delivery Network is a network of distributed servers present all around the globe that provide the requested web pages to a user, based on their geographical locations. As an example, if the main server is located at New York and a user from India makes a request for a web page, then it would take some time for the webpage to be delivered across that distance. If a CDN server is placed in New Delhi then the user will automatically experience a faster webpage delivery. This speed up WordPress site as they now load faster. And this decreases the load on the main server too. So, that is how a CDN improves the page load speed dramatically.

Which CDN to Choose for Increase your WordPress Site Speed

Many CDN services are available for the WordPress based sites. For our goal of maximising the website load speed, the MaxCDN service is undoubtedly the best CDN service, one can demand. MaxCDN not only reduces the server load by a big margin but also speeds up your website magically. Looking at the powerful yet easy to ‘understand and use’ features of MaxCDN make it an outstanding CDN service. That is the reason of it being to the top of the list of available CDN’s.

How to Register For MaxCDN for maximize your WordPress Site Speed

  1. Visit
  2. Register for a new trial account and then later buy the product according to your needs and pricing.
  3. Fill up the form and submit.

Speed up WordPress

How to use MaxCDN with WP Super Cache plug-in to Speed Up WordPress

We can’t use a CDN service alone with the WordPress site. For caching the web content and the main server’s data, we need a plug-in. The plug-in when integrated with WordPress re-writes the URL’S for the files that are to be served from the CDN server. For example, if a user requests for a file, ‘’ from the web server, the WordPress integrated plug-in will re-write the requested URL to something like ‘’. So now the user receives the requested content directly from the CDN server as the new URL specifies.

MaxCDN supports a lot of plug-ins. A variety of both light weight and heavy resource plug-in(s) are available that can work with MaxCDN to increase your wordpress website’s load speed.

Using ‘WP Super Cache’ plug-in along with MaxCDN service is highly recommended as this plug-in is very powerful. It supports multiple caching types and can serve static html files.

For speed up WordPress site load time, here we show how to Setup ‘WordPress-integrated with WP Super Cache plug-in’ along with the MaxCDN service.

  1. Download WP Super Cache plug-in here:
  2. Refer this link to install the plug in you just downloaded and activate it:
  3. Now, login to your WordPress dashboard.
  4. Just Click on Settings.
  5. Select WP Super Cache.
  6. Select the CDN tab.
  7. Select the Enable CDN Support check Box and fill up the Off-site URL box with the CDN you have created.
  8. To conclude, click on Save Changes and clear all your cache.

Now you whenever you request a data file from your website, you won’t find the address of the requested file to be of your domain. It’ll be from the MaxCDN server.

Configuring the MaxCDN Zones

Once you are verified, you can log in to your account. A convenient and simple to use dashboard allows the user to make the appropriate configurations according to his needs. For different types of web content and data optimization, MaxCDN provides you with four different zones:

  1. PULL ZONE: for image, CSS and JavaScript files.
  2. PUSH ZONE: this zone is designed for caching those files that do not change too often such as PDF’s, and e-books.
  3. VOD ZONE: optimized for video/audio streaming. Flash files can be cached in this zone.
  4. LIVE ZONE: Dedicated to live video and audio streaming.

The Pull Zone is mostly used as it is optimized for those files which are requested by the users frequently.

Follow This Step By Step Guide to Create a Pull-Zone in MaxCdn Easily

  1. Log in to your MaxCDN account using the email and password you’ve registered with.
  2. Look for the ‘Zones’ link at the top of the webpage and click it.
  3. Look for ‘Pull Zones’ header under the summary tab. Then click the ‘Create Pull Zone’ option.
  4. Now fill up a name for your Zone, all in lowercase letters.Speed up WordPress
  5. In the ‘Origin Server URL’ space, fill up the root domain name, which the CDN will be integrated to.
  6. Next in the ‘Label’ field, just add a description about the zone you want to.
  7. Click the ‘Create’ button and the zone will be created in some minutes.Speed up WordPress

Testing Your WordPress page load time after Speed up WordPress Tutorial

To test your website page load time after you have managed to speed it up using the MaxCDN, you can test it with respect to any location or any browser. Visit and test it.

Now you got to know how to speed WordPress site very quickly with yourself, If you have any other points or way to increase your WordPress speed, Kindly share it with us.

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