A Tutorial to share files between two computers in windows 7. If you want share a files between two computers in the same network, this tutorial help you to do that with simple steps quickly.

To share a file we can follow two approaches

  1. Creating a shared folder/Drive and give access to that folder.
  2. Directly Share a file where it’s available.

Prerequisite Steps:
Before to share a file Turn on file sharing in Control Panel.

Steps to Turn on file sharing in windows 7

how to share data between two computers

how to share data between two computers

  1. Open Control Panel then select Network and Sharing Center. Or open this path “Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network and Sharing Center”
  2. Under your Profile, select Turn on Network Discovery.
  3. Under File and Printer Sharing, select Turn on File and Printer sharing
  4. Under Public Folder Sharing, select Turn on sharing

Steps to create Shared Folder / Driver

Select the Drive which you want to make as shared drive or Folder. This drive or folder will be accessed from other computers.

  1. Right click the driver and select properties.
  2. Select Sharing Tab and then click “Advanced sharing”.
  3. Select “share this Folder” Checkbox.
  4. Give Share Name.
  5. Limit the number of simultaneous connection – How many users you want to use the folder simultaneously.
  6. Click Permission Button and Select the permission. (Read, Change or Full Control)share files between two computers

If it’s a folder right click the folder select properties. And then select Sharing Tab and then click “Share” button.

Steps to map drive in windows 7

how to share files between two computers

Map Network Drive

  1. Open “My Computer” in Windows
  2. Click Tools and then click Map Network Drive
  3. Please check “Reconnect on Logon” is checked
  4. Click Browse Button
  5. Select the Network Drive to share and choose the shared folder of another computer.
  6. Finally Click Finish button.

If you have any issues while sharing a file in your network write to us via comment we will help you.

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  1. Kennedy Afriyie says:

    I have read sharing files with Windows 7 and I have gone through the same procedure and the shared files and folders are seen by all the user. But my shared file, being a database ran by a softwares, if one user is using the database others cannot have access to it at all. Whilst previously in Windows XP, there wasn’t any problem with that.

    Please, help me to solve that problem.


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