How to install wordpress on localhost wamp windows 7

How to install wordpress on localhost wamp windows 7:

Install wordpress on wamp windows 7 is now easy if you follow the below guidelines. WordPress is a free blog management tool. For testing purpose if you install wordpress on localhost, it will be very useful in the blogging platform. Imagine if you are changing code directly in online and there is an error in your code, your blog traffic will stop. If your blog’s traffic falls then it will affect your revenue.

It’s always good practice to check your modification in the offline wordpress (which you install on your local computer through wamp) code. If the code is working fine in the offline wordpress then implement in online. By this we can avoid the errors in online wordpress blog.

Installing wordpress through WAMP, XAMP and Apache on Windows 7 are same only, there is no different in that.

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Steps to install wordpress on localhost wamp windows 7 :

1) Download WAMPand Install it on your machine

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2) Download WordPress Zip File

3) Create a folder in D:\wamp\www” name it without space. Sample “D:\wamp\www\atechguide”

4) Extract the downloaded WordPress ZIP in that path.

5) If the file extracted in the folder WordPress then copy and paste all the files in the folder atechguide

6) Now open the following URL http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ in your browser to create Database.

Steps to create MySQL database through PHP-Admin in Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit:

  • a. Open http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ website.
  • b. Click Database Tab and then give name to database. Example “atechguide”
  • c. Click Create Button.
  • d. Database Created.

7) Open the URL http://localhost/atechguide/ to configure wordpress wp-config file. Click Create a Configuration File and then click “Let’s go!” button,

8) Setup your configuration file.

  • a. Database Name: Give the DB name what you create in the step 6. I gave atechguide which I had created.
  • b. Username: Default username is “root” if you changed your username give that one.
  • c. Password: Authentication for access the wordpress database. Leave blank
  • d. Database Host: localhost – Server name
  • e. Table Prefix: If you want to run multiple WordPress installations in a single database, give different name.
  • f. Click submit button.
install wordpress on localhost

9) Now click Run the Install button.

10) Fill the Details of the Site

  • a. Site Title: – Latest Tech Updates
  • b. Username: admin – username to login to post.
  • c. Password, twice: Give the Password to login for the user.
  • d. Your E-mail: Give some sample email ID

e. Privacy: Unselect the option “Allow search engines to index this site.” because it’s not needed for local server site.

11) Enter your login credentials and login to your wordpress site on localhost.

Hurray… Successfully you installed wordpress on localhost with WAMP server. If you have any issues while installing wordpress on your local computer please share here we will help you.

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