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Riddles and answers – Dear Friends Welcome to In my blog for most of the time I will share tech post. In this post for a different, I want to share an entertainment post for you to enjoy some time in internet.

Riddles and answers an Entertainment Website

Recently I have a visited a site name called GRIN – Good Riddles Now. We all love to solve riddles. In the website you can see lots of jokes, riddles and answers. Once you enter in the site you can see the Riddles of the day and Joke of the Day.
In this Website Funny Riddles, Hard Riddles, Dirty Jokes, Riddles for Joke like so many categories are there. You can solve the riddles available in the website. If you doesn’t know the answer for the Riddles shared, then you can see the answer from the website.

A Riddle from GRIN for you

When I visit the site I found a riddles and answers, am sharing it below for you to think.
In Canada a Widow’s husband can marry her sister? Just think answer for this question. Have you got it?
Answer is NO. Widow mean who lost their husband. So how her husband can marry her sister. Like this lots and lots of riddles and jokes are available in the website.

Joke Riddles to Make you Laugh

If you have 5 apples, 3 orange in you left hand and 3 apples, 5 orange in you right hand, then what do you have in your hand?

Answer is “-You have Big Hand.”  🙂

Like this lots and Lots riddles and Jokes are available in GRIN. Give a try when you feel bore.

If you register and login into this website, you can share your answer and you can check. And you can share this answer in your Facebook time line, Twitter and Google+ very easy. This is very helpful website when you are bored, just try this once and share your comments. If you know any other riddles website also kindly share it.

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