Easy steps to Remove Linux dual boot and Delete Dual Boot windows XP

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Easy steps to Remove Linux dual boot and Delete Dual Boot windows XP

Sometimes we need windows XP, Windows 7 and some other operating system and we installed all those operating also in our machine.  After sometime we may not need any one of that operation System, in that case we want to delete dual boot i.e. unneeded OS.

We can delete that unneeded Operating System in two ways.

Steps to delete Dual Boot windows XP using msconfig:

  1. Right-click on My Computer, and select Properties.
  2. Select Advanced tab.
  3. Under Startup and Recovery, Click Settings Button
  4. If you want to ignore the boot up option to Select OS, then do this. You set the time to display list of operating systems: to 0(Zero) as winXP should now be your default OS.

    delete dual boot windows xp
    delete dual boot windows xp
  5. If the removal of the OS is your goal, then type msconfig in Run.(Press Windows + R)
  6. Select boot Tab.
  7. Delete unwanted OS from the boot.ini and format the drive where you installed that OS to get free space.

    delete dual boot windows xp

In this method you can delete the lower version of windows. Example from windows XP if you tried to delete Windows 7 it’s not possible but from windows 7 you can delete Windows 8, as well as lower versions. While deleting the operating system from boot.ini you should be very careful and make backup of your important data for safer side.

If you want to delete higher (latest) version and delete other operating systems like Linux from windows , also possible with EASYBCD tool.

Remove Linux dual boot using EasyBCD tool.

  1. Download EasyBCD
  2. Install and Open EasyBCD software
  3. Select “Edit Boot Menu” option. It displays the list of installed OS in your machine.
  4. Click Delete to remove Linux dual boot or other unwanted OS from your machine safely.

    remove linux dual boot
    remove linux dual boot

By using the tool EasyBCD, you can delete dual boot safely as well easily. I hope it’s very easy to all. Please share your comments

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