How to remove duplicate files from windows

We are creating files and downloading some  music, image and so many files from internet. Sometimes we save the file in some hard drives or in some different location. For so many reasons we will download or get the files, rename files and saved in some other hard drives by that, file will be duplicated. Find that duplicated files and deleting that file manually is not possible.

1) Duplicate Cleaner:
Duplicate cleaner using the MD5 Hash algorithm. If a file is stored in the different names also find by this software easily. This Duplicate Cleaner will check the system thoroughly and find the files based on the format, size and the date of creation and the software Duplicate cleaner will list it. If a music file is stored in the different format like MP3, WMA, M4A, M4P, OGG, and APE FLAC also found by this software. At the same time it won’t do anything system files.

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2) Dup Detector:
Dup Detector used to find picture duplicates .It only handles the image. We are saving files in different places; by this software we can delete all that duplicate files. Dup Detector will work in the following formats jpg, gif,bmp, png, tif, pcx, tga, wmf, emf, psp.

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3) Auslogics Duplicate File Finder:
Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is one of the best duplicate file finders. It not only search file by format and name, it search the file by content.

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Some other duplicate file removers.

4) DoubleKiller
5) Easy Duplicate Finder
6) Alldub
7) Fast Duplicate File Finder

By these above mentioned software we can remove duplicate files from our systems. Please say your comments about these posts.

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