Remove and prevent Malware virus from windows

Ways to find and remove Malware from Computer:
Have you found any symptoms of Malware in your systems or your system runs slowly or your system getting unwanted popup?
Is your answer yes then your system is affected with Malware. Follow these steps to find it.
Safe Mode:
Remove you internet connection from your system to avoid transmission of malware. Boot your system in Safe Mode. To boot your system in Safe Mode Please follow these steps:

  1. Safe Mode:
  2. Restart your system.
  3. Press F8 key continuously
  4. Advanced Boot option screen will display.
  5. Choose Safe Mode with Networking

If your system functions faster than normal mode, then surely your system is affected with Malware.

Temporary File Removal:
Remove your temporary file by windows feature” Disk Cleanup utility”  in Normal mode and Login the system through Safe Mode and scan you system with your Antivirus. Lots of free antivirus available in internet .Download and  install in your system.

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Malware Removal programs:
Download Malware removals program from internet and scan the system thoroughly. If you have antivirus with malware program then it’s okay. Otherwise download any malware program.Most known best Malware programs are BitDefender Free Edition, Kaspersky Virus, Removal Tool, Malwarebytes, Norman MalwareCleaner, SuperAntiSpyware. Malware Bytes:

Malware Bytes is a good Anti program for malware. It’s a freeware only; you can download it from internet. Install the software and click “Perform Quick Scan”. It will scan your system. While scanning the system if the Malware Bytes program hide and you can’t get back the program mean, your system 100% affected by the ROOTKIT virus.

Root kit virus doesn’t allow the malware or antivirus program. Download RootKit virus removal from internet and check again with Malware Bytes; still you can’t remove the Root kit. Backup you system, uninstall the Operating system and reinstall the Operating system.

Browser Setting:
Browsers are one of the important gateways to Malware. Change the setting of browser setting is a good practice.

Drivers Backup:
If you planned to reinstall to the Windows operating system, first back up your driver and all necessary files. It will very helpful after you install windows operating system freshly.

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Computer Updates:
Important thing to avoid Malwares and viruses is updating your computer frequently. Updating the antivirus and Windows Updated is good for yours system.

By these methods you can avoid Malware attacks from your computer. If you want to share anything about this please share it on our Facebook page or through the comments

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