How to remove Alexa search from default search

How to remove Alexa search from default search

If you installed Alexa toolbar in Firefox browser then your default search provider will change to Alexa search. If you uninstall Alexa toolbar also it won’t change because Alexa toolbar changed Firefox configuration.

Reason for the Alexa Search

Firefox set the Google as default search while installing and it changed by Alexa toolbar. If you search anything in Firefox address bar it will search in Alexa.

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Steps to Remove Alexa search from default search

  1. Open Firefox browser and navigate to about:config
  2. Warning message will display click “I’ll be careful, I promise!”Remove Alexa search
  3. In search bar Type “keyword.URL” and click Enter
  4. Double click the value field and change value to
  5. Remove Alexa search

Default Bing Search in Firefox

If you want to set default search as Bing search, change the keyword.URL value into

Remove Alexa search

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