9 Useful Websites and App to Pronounce Names Correctly

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 Pronounce Names – Why to pronounce names right?  This is the most common question you must have come across while learning a new language. Part and parcel of any language are grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

When you acquire a good hold in grammar and have expanded your vocabulary you somehow hesitate to take the third step for pronounce names. As our first language affects the accent of second or any other languages you might know.

It is definitely challenging for you to do justice to every language. You often miss the mark.

Fortunately, you are not alone in this journey. Many need guidance, as it is not healthy to shy away every time you have to speak. Today, when everything is a global platform, your hesitations should not be the reason to hold you back.pronounce names

Introvert: Are you???

Being an introvert and being mistaken as an introvert are like two poles that do not meet. It is better to analyze yourself thoroughly before giving yourself such unjustified tags.When your brain is louder than others even when they are out loud.

When your writing is mightier with five rupee pen, my friend, you have no issue other that breathing out your words in the right sound.

Pronounce it Right

    • To impress: first thing that people notice when you speak is how you pronounce. They might even overlook your vocabulary and grammar. Your pronunciation reveals how good your hold is in a language which leads a very promising first impression on anyone.
    • To have a good conversation: you don’t need extreme vocabulary or complex grammar to have a lovely conversation and pronounce names with someone.

Common words and simple sentences can also express your thoughts well. But there is no such thing as simple pronunciation. You know it for sure that the person will understand you when you pronounce it right.

  • To communicate: apparently communicating with you teacher and with fellow students does not count as communicating at all. For example, teacher have an ability to understand even the worse way you can pronounce a word because first that’s her job and second of all she has a long history of practice with students. As for your fellow students, they are at the same level as you are.
  • To be pleasant on ears: it is wonderful that you can communicate with a foreigner and pronounce names. Although you can understand them but walking hand in hand with their accent is completely different. It takes keen attention and hard work to be in the same page as they are for some of the languages are pleasing others are not pleasing on ears.
  • Don’t overdo it: speaking in a strong foreign accent can also make your words difficult to understand. Always maintain a level of poise. You don’t need to sound native but friendly.

In a digital world when you think grammar and vocabulary are more important than pronunciation then you are mistaken. Pronunciation must be given equal weightage along with other. Mispronunciation can lead to misunderstandings.

For example, if someone pronounces Sea as She the sentence would be misleading and confusing at the same time. Hence, it is a necessity to pronounce names well. It shouldn’t be underestimated while learning any language.

Some applications and software available online could save you the embarrassment of mispronouncing. It will also boost your confidence to finally come out of your cocoon.

Among many available websites and Apps, here are few top rated –

Some Amazing Websites to Pronounce Names Correctly

    1. Forvo: A terrific website that helps learning languages easy by playback option and by pronouncing the sound clip in many different languages as well.
    2. Pronounce Names: It can be your best helping website and also it has its android app available in google play store. They have a huge collection of names with their pronunciation. You can browse through the list or search for names.
    3. Inogolo: Tt is not only perfect to search names but also other relevant things for pronounce names because lets be real you need more than pronouncing names to get the communication going.
    4. eSpeech (espeech.com.in) : This is another website which is quite different when comes to pronounce names and other words. Because it is versatile in pronouncing names, places and businesses in United States. It also includes audible and visual phonetic spelling check.
    5. The Name Engine (celebs): this one is exclusively for celebrities’ names because it is one thing to be fan of a celebrity and still to call out their name wrong which is rude and joke is on you. Besides sometimes you just need to know because you might be thinking of picking out baby names.

Here you’ll see some high rated Apps available to help you in Pronounce Names

    1. Sounds: The Pronunciation App.: a mobile pronunciation app available on google play store. Best for teachers and students who are on constant move.
    2. Pronounce it right: Another android application available on google play store. It pronounces words as well as whole sentence. It comes with an option of several different languages which are 100% free for your access. Yet another application perfect for your mobile.
    3. Pronunciation Checker free : this one is free pronunciation application available in google play store. It helps you type a word and listen to the word. It also helps you to practice the word. And later on you can test yourself by using the same application, until you get the word right.

As mentioned earlier we are living in a digital era with a global platform. You socialize a lot through digital media. Some require photos, texts, video calling even Snapchat. There are applications to make socializing easier. Including a translate option in site to keep us going, leaping through the boundaries of communication barriers.

Things are easier when you text but at least you want to get their names right during a Snapchat. Sometime you need to communicate with yourself while being a traveler.

Adventure lies in communicating with people in their language through travelling. These application not only helps bridging the gap but also encourages friendship across countries. At least when you get the names right rest is history.

These application comes with possibilities to kindle friendship among least expected crowds. Even wars can be avoided by right communication. These help a lot of people to polish their communication skills. Because of which they have better job opportunities in future as public representative, personal assistant, public translator. They can try out for film and media sectors as well.

A recent video of a television reporter pronouncing very complex city name in one go is commendable. You express yourself better verbally. You are confident in the presence of people. Finally people notice you not as a shy person sitting through every conversation but as well versed, expressive, dynamic person.

Through these application you can also learn several new languages. Most of these applications can be downloaded into your mobile which make learning while travelling easier.

Today, where English is considered as official language in many countries here people focus on getting the words out in proper American accent. These application maintain balance of phonetic standard of English language which is practiced worldwide only to keep us on same page as other. This eliminates any chances of confusion. Well it is not a piece of cake to pronounce names and other words right all at once, it is an art and it take time and dedication along with regular practice.

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