Tutorial to Uninstall programs completely with use of program uninstaller

What is Program Uninstaller?

Program uninstaller is a software used to uninstall programs from your system. Now you have a question like, why we can’t do this through Control Panel – Add or remove program. If you uninstall a program through Add or remove programs, the application will be removed from your system but not completely. Program uninstaller uninstalls the Software from your system completely. 

Features of Mighty Program Uninstaller

Mighty Program Uninstaller is best program uninstaller to uninstall unwanted program from your PC or laptop completely. What mean by completely? Completely means full removal of an application with registry key deletion and setting made by that application.

Mighty Program Uninstaller has four tabs, they are Software Uninstall, Mighty Uninstall, Advanced Uninstall and Advanced Tools.

Software Uninstall – This tab lists all the programs installed on the PC. From the displayed list you can select the program and click uninstall

Mighty Uninstall – By using Mighty Uninstaller helps to remove the uninstalled program registry files and left over setting of uninstalled file. From this tab you can uninstall program which is running, shortcut removal of uninstall programs and removing unwanted executable files in your PC or Laptop.

Advanced Uninstall – Advance uninstaller is the third tab of Mighty Uninstaller. If you have any issues or problem in uninstalling a program you submit a ticket to mighty Program uninstaller.

Advanced Tools – Advanced tools contains Systems Cleaner, Forcible & Full Remover, System Manager and Malware Cleaners.

System Cleaners contains Junk Files cleaner, Registry Cleaner and Evidence Cleaner. Full Removers used to delete, forcefully removing programs. Systems Manager and Malware Cleaner used to clean your PC.

Program Uninstaller

Program Uninstaller – Mighty

System Requirements to install Program Uninstaller

Supports in Windows 2008, XP, Vista /Windows 7(32 Bit or 64 Bit) machine and Size of Mighty Installer is 2.2MB

How to Uninstall Programs through Mighty program uninstaller

  1. Download Mighty Uninstaller
  2. Install Mighty Uninstaller on your system
  3. Select the program want to uninstall and Click Uninstall

Pros of Mighty Program Uninstaller

  1. Easy to install.
  2. 100 % Risk Free

By using of Mighty Program you can completely remove AVG, AVAST, BitDefender Antivirus and so many application with their register keys from windows. Mighty Uninstaller is one the very useful program for windows machine to uninstall application and delete unwanted registry keys.

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