How to prevent children from cyberbullying?

As much as internet access and new age smartphones can be beneficial for your children and their education, they can also bring a lot of trouble if you don’t monitor their use. One of the things social networks and new technologies brought to us is cyberbullying. With such a wide audience internet gives us, and a chance to reach so many people instantly, a single bad-looking photo or an insult could be devastating for your child if he or she gets online.

Cyberbullying striking examples

For those parents who have a vague idea of cyberbullying, the latest case of a young girl who killed herself because her friends were insulting her on social networks might open your eyes to dangers of it. Even after her parents transferred her to another school the insults didn’t stop and the poor girl found no other escape than committing a suicide. This tragic outcome might have been avoided if the parents of the girl, or the parents of bullies, had been aware of how their children use their smartphones and internet access.

Does a child really needs a smartphone?

When you give your child a smartphone it is your responsibility as a parent to know how they are using it. You should at least know what apps they use, so you can explain how the irresponsible phone use could lead to serious consequences that might haunt them for the rest of their life. Before letting your kids use the internet, instant messengers and social networks, you should explain to them that everything they put online stays there for good, and that they should always think twice before posting anything.

Ways to prevent the disaster

This is why most parents are using mobile phone monitoring apps. They help them always be aware of the things their children do with their phone, people they stay in contact with, and what is more important, they help in keeping your children safe even if you are not around. Thus, as dangerous as cyberbullying is, you do have a way to fight it and make sure your child doesn’t fall victim to this crime.

If your child is a victim of cyberbullying there are chances that he or she will be too ashamed to tell you about it, so the only way to find out is to have access to their phone or their social profiles. Mobile phone monitoring apps give you just that. Ability to check the details of every call, every text message, every website they visit, and much more. You never have to tell them you are monitoring their phone, but you can always rest assured that you will be there if your child gets in trouble.

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