Download Latest 4.5 .NET Framework Offline Installer Free ( 4.0, 3.5 & 2.0 ) From Microsoft Official Website

.Net Framework has developed by Microsoft for its own Windows OS versions. Net framework used to run variety of services of the applications. .Net Framework is one of the mandatory software for Microsoft windows machines. .net Framework includes libraries for application development, data access and service oriented applications. In this article you can download Latest 4.5 net Framework Offline Installer free.

Why do you need to install net Framework ?

  1. Some of the applications requires the net framework. Example Corel Draw, BitDefender Antivirus, Games and so on. To run those software you need net framework on your machine.
  2. Mandatory Software to run applications developed using .net Windows Forms and So on.

net Framework Offline Installer

Why do you need to download net Framework Offline Installer?

  1. In sometimes you might get a warning message like, you need .NET Framework to continue. That time software will connect to internet, download the .net framework and the NET framework will be installed on your computer. But if your internet connection disconnected in the middle of downloading, then your software download will be interrupted.
  2. If you are installing .net framework using offline installer your installation won’t be disturbed. You can use your .net framework installer again if its required.But in Offline installer you wont get those problems.
  3. You can share your .net framework offline installer to your friends easily.

Earlier version has different setups for 32 Bit and 64 Bit versions, but after the 3.0 version common setup has been released by Microsoft to support both 32 bit and 64 Bit computers.

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Download .NET Framework Offline Installer Free

How to remove .NET Framework from your System using NET removal tool

You can Download .net removal tool from the below link. If you want to uninstall the latest version, then you can use this .NET Cleaner removal tool to uninstall NET framework completely including registry keys.

.NET Removal Tool

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