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Micromax PC Suite –  Micromax is one of biggest Cell phone manufacturing brands worldwide. It makes high performing but relatively cheaper Mobile devices. Wonder if you can manage a Micromax phone using your computer? Yeah, that’s possible. There is Micromax PC suite available for that.

Easier Management through Micromax PC Suite

Just download it and manage your device with great comfort. Micromax PC suite is available for Windows only. It can run on other operating systems using a virtual machine. Moreover, Micromax pc suite is a free ware program.

Talking about the features, like any other Pc suite software, Micromax PC suite supports total sync. You can transfer data files quickly. A phone backup could be made on your PC. The phone book feature is just amazing. Easy to use. Quick to operate.

Micromax PC suite solves every problem of a mobile device user. Whether you want a tool for PC data sharing or management, this software never disappoints. File sharing is so hassle free. You can clean up your memory card and tweak your phone too. This software works very smartly to deliver a high performance.

Micromax PC suite can take backups through the PC directly. And the data sharing options are very useful too. Another advantage of this program is that it lets you customize your phone the way you want. Since it’s made for Micromax phones, it supports almost any Micromax device.

Usability, performance and the easy access features make Micromax PC suite a charm to use. Only con is its old fashioned user interface. It’s too basic. Anyways, it solves every issue that troubles the users.

How to Download and Install Micromax PC Suite

Here is the link from where you can get the software. : Download Micromax PC suite

Note: For connecting your phone to your PC, you will also need to install the Drivers of your phone. Driver files come with the Phone. If you haven’t got one, don’t worry. First note the correct Model number of your Phone. You will find that written on the box/user manual.

Now visit here: http://www.micromaxinfo.com/downloads.aspx

Now enter your Model number and you will find the drivers to download. Once you’ve saved the files, run them. They will be installed in some moments. Now to verify if they are correctly installed on your PC, open device manager and verify it. That’s it. Now your phone can be connected and used through the PC via the Micromax PC suite.

To install the Micromax PC suite software, run the installer file that you got from the above link. Once it’s installed, a reboot of your PC is advised. This will ensure smooth working of the software. So just restart you computer and then connect the phone via USB. Now run the software.

How to Use Micromax PC Suite

Using this software is very easy. The interface is not at all complex. The functions are basic like the interface. The main menu includes many options like Phone Book, Message, and Settings etc. We will give you a simple walk through of the program.

Phone Book Menu Open it if you want to edit or create contacts that are stored on your phone. You can also transfer and copy contacts between the phone and computer.

Message Menu You can create or save text messages using this. Saved messages go to the outbox. The message sending process is very fast through this.

Settings Menu You can manage the connection settings of your phone. If you want to use your phone as a modem for internet connection, then you need to configure the settings here. You can also change the preferred language settings.

Images Menu : This is dedicated to use of images on the phone. If you like an image and you want to set it up as your wallpaper, you can just select it. Then you can also preview and set it. All images are displayed as lists. This allows great comfort.

Melody Menu : This menu is same as the above image menu. The interface is similar. You can set up a ringtone for your phone using this tool. All you have to do is browse to the audio file and set it as the ringtone. Before that you can preview and listen it. Only midi files are supported for this function.

MMS Menu : If you send multimedia files as messages regularly, then click on this option. You can upload or download multimedia files from the MMS messages that you receive on your phone. Then you can edit or delete these messages. Forwarding and sending of MMS messages to any number is also possible.

File Manager Menu : This is the most basic menu. All file operations are available. You can manage your phone memory easily. You can directly copy the contents stored in memory. This tool is very fast if compared to the phone’s speed.

That is all for the Micromax PC suite. Overall it is very simple. But still, it is of great use. It is even faster as compared to other PC suites. Sync functions are very efficient. So one must try it.


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