Keyboard shortcuts to control Facebook:

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Keyboard shortcuts to control Facebook:

Facebook one of the most visited site in the world and it’s the No.1 Social networking site. In this post we can see what the shortcuts to Facebook website are? Before using shortcut key we have to find our Modifier key.
What is the modifier key and how to find it?
Modifier key is a special key on a computer keyboard that modifies the normal action of another key when the two are pressed in How to use Facebook with keyboard shortcutscombination. Firefox modifier key is Alt + Shift key, For Chrome and Internet Explorer key is Alt.

How to use Facebook with keyboard shortcuts

Example if you want to use this key in Firefox to New Message Box you have to use Shift + Alt + M

New Message Modifier key + M
Search Box: Modifier key + ?
News Feed Home Page: Modifier key + 1
Your Profile:  Modifier key + 2
Friends Request Modifier key + 3
Messages Modifier key + 4
Notifications Modifier key + 5
Account Settings Modifier key + 6
Browser Privacy Settings Modifier key + 7
Facebook Home Page: Modifier key Modifier key + 8
Facebook Statement and Rules Modifier key + 9
Facebook Help Center Modifier Modifier key + 0

If I have Missed(or Mistake) any Shortcut key or anything, Please share with us.

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