Increase firefox Mozilla performance to increase internet speed

How to Increase Firefox Speed:

So many people are saying Firefox speed / performance has decreased when we compared it with starting.

1) Firefox Web Browser — Plugin:

Firefox Plugin programs are like

  1. Adobe Reader Plugin for Mozilla
  2. Shockwave Flash
  3. Java(TM) Platform SE 7 U5
  4. Java Deployment Toolkit

Some of the plugin are very useful and we need it always. But some plugin which is running in the Firefox browser is not needed. By these unwanted plugins Firefox get slow, so we can stop these plugins features. We cannot uninstall these plugins, but we can disable these plugins.

How to disable Firefox plugins:

  1. Go to Firefox Add-Ons
  2. Choose Plugin in the left side menu. Here you can get all installed plugins details.
  3. Click the Disable button to disable the Firefox Plugin.

2) Removing Firefox Extension:

In Default Firefox doesn’t contain any Extension. Firefox Extension also involves in the performance of the Firefox. Firefox has the option for remove the extension as well as disable it. Follow the same step like plugin but choose the Extension.

3) Browsing History:

Firefox has the feature to save all the web history, which is used to open it again. History will save in the form of cookies, search history, URL history, passwords remember and so on. Keep on saving this browser history will decrease the speed and performance of the Firefox. We can clear all the history and delete cookies automatically by setting the option in the Firefox, Click here for more information.

By this tricks your Firefox performance should be increase and we can get good browsing time. Please give your comments about this trick.

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