Download iMovie for PC Laptop Windows XP 7 8.1

iMovie for PC IMovie is ground-breaking video editing software. It has been created by Apple Inc. when it comes to the iLife suite of Apple, iMovie is an essential part in conjunction with others such as GarageBand, iPhoto, and iDVD. Together, these software applications will help in editing videos and even making a lot of movies.

IMovie is also available for iOS. It will help you edit video on iOS products of Apple including iPad, iPhone, and iPod. Unfortunately, the PC version of this fantastic software is not available. So in order to make movies in Windows, it is crucial to look for an alternative for iMovie.

Download iMovie for PC Laptop Windows XP 7 8.1

These days, Windows by Microsoft and Mac by Apple have emerged as the major operating systems for users. A lot of people make use of both Mac as well as Windows PC computers for various purposes. The Windows are used for office. Mac is the personal favourite for users at home. Some people have even shifted their priorities from Mac to Windows owing to its optimized features.

In the event you have been a Mac user earlier and wish to edit videos on Windows PC, you would iMovie for PC video editing software. A virtualization technology will help you with running Mac and consequently iMovie on Windows. There are many of this software available online. All you need to do is get into a detailed research and choose one from a highly reputed company. Most of the software will need making payments for download or installation. You need to plug the camcorder, the digital camera or iPhone and then for windows the installation for iMovie could be done and turn the experience of importing videos an easy task. Different events need to practice for organizing the video of iMovie. It also facilitates integration of audio files easy. Hence noise reduction could be done easily and enhancing of iTunes also becomes an easy task.

 Best Alternatives to iMovie for PC

There are a huge number of video editing software applications available on the market these days for Windows PC. Some of these include AVS Video Editor, Movavi Video Editor, Corel VideoStudio, Cyberlink PowerDirector, etc.

One of the most popular iMovie alternatives for PC is the Video Editor. It allows users to watch the video on PC. The tool is user friendly and helps users create one’s own videos. The best part here is that it supports more number of formats including the following listed below:

  • AVI
  • MKV
  • MOV
  • MP4

All you need to do is simply follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Crop video
  • Trim video
  • Split video
  • Rotate video
  • Combine video

All the above mentioned steps can be performed within a few clicks. Thereafter, you need to touch up the video with dazzling transitions, introductions, sound effects, credits, and a lot more. Face Off, Mosaic, Jump Cut etc. are some of the features you can add. These work for the best and most advanced video effects. With iMovie alternatives for PC, it is possible to save video in varied formats and then upload straight to Facebook, YouTube and later on burn to DVD.

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