HP Quick Test Professional 11.5 Software Free download

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A Tutorial to Download HP Unified Functional Testing 11.00 Free from HP QTP solution center Page – Quick Test Professional Download.

Key benefits

  1. Simplify test creation and maintenance with intuitive design approaches
  2. Detect bugs earlier in the lifecycle by validating APIs
  3. Implement automated testing for every major software application and environment
  4. Use with HP Business Process Testing for a component-based testing framework
  5. Integrate with HP Quality Center and ALM for comprehensive test management

How to Download HP QTP Unified Functional testing software

  1. Open the HP QTP Page
  2. Click Trials and Demos (Arrow Button)
  3. Click HP Quality Center 11.0 Evaluation
  4. Choose your OS version and Click Download
Pentium IV or higher microprocessor (minimum 1 Ghz)
Operating System:
Windows XP Service Pack 2
Minimum of 1GB when no more than three add-ins are loaded simultaneously.
Additional memory is required when loading more add-ins and when using the Save movie to results option to capture movies during run sessions.
Color Settings:
High Color (16 bit).
Graphics Card:
Graphics card with 64 MB video memory
Free Hard Disk Space:
1 GB of free disk space for application files and folders.
You must also have an additional 120 MB of free disk space on the system disk (the disk on which the operating system is installed).
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 Service Pack 1 or a later supported version.

Download HP QTP

HP QTP 11.00 Eval Package Eng SW E-Media 2949.50 MB Download
HP QTP 11.00 Eval Package Readme 0.02 MB Download
HP ST 11.20 Eval Package Eng SW E-Media 700.65 MB Download
HP Service Test 11.20 Eval Pkg Readme 0.01 MB Download
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One Comment

  1. Sampada

    November 28, 2013 at 12:27 pm

    Hi Krishna,

    I am trying to install HP QTP from the link u have mentioned.

    I am facing 1 issue while installing “Soucre file not found” with error .

    C:\Users\admin\Downloads\HP_ST_11.20_Eval_Package_Eng_SW_E-Media_T6552-15010.zip\Service Test 11.2 Evaluation\Service Test 11.2 Installation\STSetup\MSI\data\resources\languages\hungary.png

    Thanks in advance.


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