How to increase the speed of your computer windows XP/7

How to Increase your computer Speed

We always think about our PC speed, Here we are sharing some of the tips to increase the system speed.


Increase Pc Speed
Increasing RAM (Random access Memory):  
Increasing RAM memory will speed up the system if you are using the Windows 95, 98 not now. RAM won’t speed up the system that much normally if you use 2 or 3 GB RAM it’s enough for the system nowadays.

Processors Speed:
Processors are so important for the computer speed. Multicore processors will increase the computer speed. For normal home user two core chips i.e. dual processors are enough. To handle lots of graphics or using multiple applications at the same time needs multi core chips.

Antivirus and Anti Malware:
Antivirus will eat up more usage from the system starts up. While scanning sometimes it eat up more process usage. But multicore system won’t affect because multi processor can easily take the multi process easily. Best antivirus list avail here

Registry Cleaner:
In some website I read registry cleaner is increasing the system seed but it’s not possible .Registry cleaner clean registry errors, error messages, frozen systems, and PC crashes. It won’t increase the computer speed.

Browser History:
Cleaning the browser will clean the history what you browsed, by that we increase the little bite of browser fastness. It won’t increase the personal optimize computer speed.

The above all won’t increase computer speed. You are asking then what else increase the computer speed? Yeah some ways are there to increase the computer speed. They are

1) Chkdsk Error:
Yours OS and the data both are stored in the after some months or after some years shut down the system in the abnormal way or restarting the system when hangs, make the error in system. Like these errors make the system slow. But we can avoid those errors, we can resolve this error.IN windows Right click the C: Drive the Properties-> Tools – > Check now. It will check all the windows error . Don’t use any process will error checking.

2) Remove unwanted Data:
If you install so many programs in the windows, but we need some program only from some small time, like that installed software i.e. installing mores software will decrease the speed of the system. For that we have to completely uninstall the program whatever we don’t need. Then do Disk Clean Up it will remove all unwanted file which is used by that uninstall program.

3) Disk Defragment:
Using Disk Defragment tool will increase your computer speed little bit. Disk Defragment can optimize your computer and increase your speed.

4) Solid-state drive
An HDD uses rotating platter, while read/write head floats above the spinning platter reading and writing data. If you write any data from DVD or dome other storage devices to HDD type hard disk it will get slow. Simple we can say SSD is up to 30% faster than HDD.

From the above methods you can fix your computer slow

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