How to Jailbreak an Android Phone Easy Step by Step Tutorial

Jailbreaking is the process of removing restrictions on phone or modifying the operating system running on iphones, ipads or ipod toch. It gives good control of the device. How to jailbreak a phone is an interesting question that people ask as it gives control of the device and install things other than recommended from a particular phone vendor? Following is the tutorial on how to jailbreak an android phone.

Step by Step Tutorial for How to Jailbreak an Android Phone

The first and foremost important step in how to jailbreak your android phone is to know the specific software and hardware build your phone is using. This requires the reading of complete documentation of your mobile phone.

The next step in how to jail break an android device is the searching of proper jailbreak utility on the internet. There are many jailbreak utilities for every operating system available over the internet for mobile phones.

The next in how to jailbreak your android phone is to download the appropriate jailbreak utility. But before installing, do scan it to make it virus free and safe for your phone. After installation, a restart would be recommended in order to make the utility activated on your phone.

How to jailbreak an android device is not an easy task as things may go wrong while the jailbreak utility works. So it is better to have a backup of all your important things in your phone so they may not get damaged during jail breaking process. You may save your important data on some PC or cloud for backup purposes.

Now connect your android device to the computer and run the jailbreak process.

If anything goes wrong during this process, restore your device and restart the process. If the utility is appropriate, the process will get successfully completed.


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