How to install java on Windows 7 – A step by step guide

How to install java on Windows 7 a step by step guide

Java is one of most used programming language to develop applications. Nowadays Android applications and games are developing by Java. To Compile, Run Java programs and open Java applet website we need Java. In this article am sharing how to install Java program on windows 7.

To install java first you need java exe file. We can download the Java exe file from In this post am sharing steps to download java offline installer. By using this Java offline installer you can install java application any time.

Steps to Download Java from Oracle .com

  • Open the Oracle Page
  • Click Download above to Java Platform (JDK) 7u21 picture.
  • You can see the Java SE Development Kit 7 Downloads Page.How to install java
  • Accept the License agreement of Oracle to download java. Based on your operating system click download.
  • Now your Download will start. Use Download Manager to download fast.

Now you got your Java Exe. Next is installing. Installing Java is not a difficult one. Like all application you can install your Java easily.

Steps to install Java on Windows 7 Machine

  • Double click on the Java Exe file
  • Click on the accept button.
  • If you don’t want to change your destination folder click on Next button. Or if you want to change destination then click change button and change your destinations.
  • Click Next button and Install.
  • Finally you can see the finish button.

That’s it now you have installed Java in your Machine. Still if you have any queries on installing java then feel free to contact us.

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