How to Email an Exe File in 3 Easy Steps

You can’t send exe file through mails. Most of us had experienced this problem. All email providers like Gmail, Yahoo and other has blocked due to security reason. Anyone can send virus through exe easily, so all email providers block exe mails.

But still we can send .exe file through mail with simple trick. In this post am sharing how to email an exe file easily.

Steps to email an exe file

  1. In folder option select view tab.
  2. Under view tab uncheck “hide extensions for known file types”.
  3. Now select your exe file and press F2 (Function Key) button to rename the exe file.
  4. Instead of exe change extension into some other like txt, doc or other and press Enter.(Examples – program.txt, program.exe2). If you get any pop up message press “yes”
  5. Now Zip the file and send through email for corresponding person and tell them to change the extensionHow to Email an Exe File in

This is a simple work around to email an exe file to others. Some other ways to email an exe file.

Note: To rename a file press F2 function key and rename the file. At that moment you will get error message like

If you change a file name extension, the file might become unstable. Are you sure you want to change it?

While getting the pop up message, Click Yes. After sending the mail ask the receiver to change he extension again to .exe

What are the other ways to email an exe file?

Upload the document in online storage and share the link with others. They can download from the link and they can use.

To Change extension in Windows XP follow this steps

Open Windows Explorer, from Tools menu -> Folder Options -> View, under Advanced settings, uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types” and click Apply, OK to save changes.

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