How to Create a Poll on Facebook

Facebook is one of the famous social networking sites, where all friends can engage. In Facebook sometimes we can see polls and questions asked by our friends. If you want to make same poll like that, then this tutorial will help you to create a Poll on Facebook.

How to Create a Poll on Facebook:

1.    Open your Facebook Fan page.
2.    Click Offer, Event + in the right side of the status bar.How to make a poll in Facebook
3.    Next Click on Question then type your question.How to Create a Poll on Facebook
4.    Add option for your Questions.
5.    Finally Click on Post.

Note:  In Facebook page only you can create poll and question. But in your wall, without any app you can’t create Facebook poll. To find more about question open Facebook official page.

If you know any other ways to create Facebook poll and question in Facebook, Please share with us it will very helpful to all.

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