How to build Gaming computer cheaply yourself

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How to build Gaming computer cheaply

One of my friends asked me how to build gaming computer. Building a gaming computer is easy one like building normal computer but we need some extra things needed to increase power. In this article am sharing how to build gaming computer. Build Gaming PC won’t cost much, but little costlier than the normal computing.

Parts Needed To Build a Gaming Computer

PROCESSORHow to build Gaming computer

Processor is one of the important factors for all type of computer. To build a game computer we need a best multiprocessor like Intel Core i5-3470, i3. Multicore processor can handle multiple processors at a time. This processor has a built-in graphics, so we recommend i3, i5 processors.


When you a buy motherboard make sure it contains multiple ports/slots or not. Multiple ports are very useful while adding new component like RAM, Graphics Card and much more. So always choose a motherboard based on these factors.


Having 8GB of RAM is good configuration to a game computer. If you buy a motherboard how I mentioned, then you will get 4 slots to RAM, So that time you can easily upgrade your RAM memory. Latest DDR3 RAM runs at frequency of 1600MHz. Some of the best RAM manufactures corsair, Kingston, ocz, crucial and Transcend


If you have lots of game in your PC you have to store in your Hard disk. Having 2TB hard disk is a good one. Buy Solid state drive SSD is up to 30% faster than HDD


Graphics Card is the main component for a gaming computer. Nowadays most of the games are need graphics card, without graphics card we can’t play those games. Best graphics cards are Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 and AMD Radeon HD 7970.


For gaming computing if you have 22 HD monitor then its fine to play. Some of the best monitors are LG W2363D, Asus VG278H and Viewsonic VX2753mh.

Keyboard & Mouse

Input to the game through Keyboard & mouse only. So select a hard keyboard and mouse. Some of the best gaming keyboards are Razer Lycosa, Logitech G110, Saitek Cyborg V.7 and Microsoft SideWinder X6. I also prefer the same.

Apart from the above list Speaker and headphones are also needed for a Good gaming computer. If you feel any other things need kindly share with us.

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