Switch Back to Yahoo Classic Mail

Switch Back to Yahoo Classic Mail

Yahoo Mail has changed its new look which has more graphics and take more time to load when it compare with yahoo classic mail. If you don’t like the yahoo mail new look, you can switch back to yahoo mail old version.

This method not work any more. But new trick will work. Go to the new Trick

Yahoo mail new version doesn’t support in old version browsers. For that we can’t use the old version browsers to get the yahoo mail classic.

Yahoo-Mail-Beta-Neo aTechguide.com

Just install a small plugin called User Agent Switcher. By this plugin we can send information to the website like which browser version we are using. See the below image for example.

User Agent Switcher - aTechGuide.com

User Agent Switcher – aTechGuide.com

Now one question you will have in your mind. That is at the same time, if we are using some other website which doesn’t support in old version that time again we have to change it normal browser version and this solution is a temporary. Whenever we are login into yahoo mail we have to do these steps so it’s not fair.

If you want to permanently move to yahoo mail classic use the following URL


Temporary URLs:

Use the below URLS to open Yahoo Classic mail instead of mail.yahoo.com URL


 Alternative Steps to return to Yahoo! Mail Classic:

In Firefox go to Tools and open Options.

  1. Under the Content tab uncheck “Enable JavaScript”.
  2. Open Yahoo mail URL and login using your id and password.
  3. A notice will appear saying that JavaScript is needed to be enabled for using the new Yahoo! Mail. There you’ll see two options to return to a previous version of Yahoo! Mail. Choose the first option to switch just for one time or second option to return to a previous version.
  4. Now you are back to the classic version.
  5. In order to access all web sites properly, don’t forget to Enable JavaScript from the Content tab under Options in Firefox.

This method is not working


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