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Hotmail www.hotmail.com- Hotmail is one of the world’s largest providers of free internet-based email system. Hotmail was later substituted with Outlook.com by Microsoft itself. Hotmail’s vision is to make email access easier and from any PC of the world that is connected to the Web. Sending and receiving email from Hotmail is very easy along with other user friendly features. Hotmail makes your personal and social information globally available through its web based secure program. Web-based Hotmail can be accessed worldwide, and is truly cheaper and easier than the other conventional e-mail programs. An additional benefit of Hotmail is that the user does not require installing any new software but just a Web browser.  It offers both free and paid email accounts. Hotmail offers 7.5 GB of free space, 25MB of file size for attachments, virus scanning and security features and features like multiple folders, spell checker and colored themes. The hotmail account expires after 90 days of non activity. For paid users the capacity of account, attachment sizes and expiration time is extended. Moreover advertisements are not there in hotmail plus account as they are in regular account.

Hotmail Sign up and Hotmail account Login

Signing up and logging in to hotmail is as easy as just going to http://www.hotmail.com and Clicking on button Sign up. Then Click on the button Get it Free. Then it is required to fill in your desired email id by checking its availability by the hotmail’s feature. Once the email is available you can proceed further. Create a secret password through which only you can access your own e-mail account. The password needs to be at least six letters lengthy and preferably should include numbers and capital alphabets.

The password strength will indicate how much it is hard for someone to break it. You can further strengthen your password using its strength feature by adding capitals and numerical. A combination all these generates the maximum strength of your password reluctantly. Now it is required to select a secret question and its answer for further security. If at any time you lose your password, the hotmail will be able to identify you from the question’s answer and provide you access your account by resetting your password. So you have to select any of the questions and mark its answer that only you know. Then scroll the page down and you will have to enter in your personal information as requested. This is all easy and self explanatory, you can provide any information you want to provide. Then type the alphabets and numbers displayed in the picture box into the space provided. Be careful in typing exact letters as shown using upper and lower case of keyboard. Lastly you need to review the Terms of Service and click I accept to generate your account. Your account has been created, now you can create new folders as per your need. Folders can be named as appropriate, and as many folders can be created as required. Emails can be segregated and placed in these folders separately.hotmail www.hotmail.com

For fresh hotmail account login  just go to www.hotmail.com and Enter your username and password, and click Sign in. It will direct you to your inbox. Similarly, to sign out, go to the top-right corner of the page, hit your email address and select Sign out.

Hotmail Account Recovery

If you don’t remember your password or if your account has been hacked, there is a way to access your account by going to the website www.hotmail.com. From there Click on “Can’t access your account?” and Select “I forgot my password” then Click on “Reset your password“, Enter your hotmail ID and the given Captcha as displayed in the figure. Now click on “Next” button and hotmail will send a password reset access to your alternate email address earlier provided by you. Just login to your alternate email address and access the facility by the link provided by hotmail. It is easier to reset your password.

Hotmail Outlook Settings – Outlook POP3

Windows Live Hotmail integrated with Outlook is really great. You can send and receive emails through your Windows Live Hotmail account from within Outlook, and you can archive messages locally. The feature makes hotmail worthy and easy for its users by its hue capacity and easy features. To add a free Windows Live Hotmail account to Outlook just select File in the Outlook email, then click Add Account. Then enter your name and feed your Windows Live Hotmail address under the E-mail address box. Type your password twice as directed on the page and click next and then Finish. Your outlook account is ready to use along with its associated features

Hotmail.com Features

Office Docs feature. With new outlook.com you can see Microsoft office viewing, editing and sharing office documents whether office is installed on your computer or not. It can be done by emailing documents on outlook.com and see them anytime, anywhere. Hotmail cloud hosts these documents; therefore you don’t need your own PC to display it. You can examine your documents and presentations in the Office web app and edit them too. It is automatically saved on Sky drive if you edit or modify the documents.

Document Association

If more than one person needs to work on a same document in parallel then it can be done easily in new Hotmail. Click on the document on the SkyDrive of the sender and view it online. While modifying the file, number of people editing the file can be viewed from the right bottom. Changes made by the other people can be seen.

Dispatch of larger Files. Combination of Hotmail and Sky drive has made it possible to attach and dispatch files up to 10 GB in an email. The file is hosted on the SkyDrive service which gives 25 GB of free space. When you send the larger files through over email, the recievers only get the URL of dispatched file and by clicking on the file he / she can download and view the file. While It is not mandatory for the recipient to possess a SkyDrive account for downloading the file.

Simple Filter Option

Hotmail offers few one click options for filter feature in the latest version. It offers filtering emails as per individuals’ needs and ease. The feature facilitates viewing of important emails from regular contacts etc. Search feature. To search the emails quickly, Hotmail has introduced auto search facility. It can be done by typing few words and the feature recommends relevant words for guidance and quick search.

Viewing Conversations

Conversations made through emails can also be viewed in conversation view feature of hotmail. If you had an email conversation with any of the contacts, it can be viewed in totality using this feature. This can be done by Clicking on “Arrange By” icon and select “conversation” from the drop down menu. It will show the complete conversation and its history with dates and time details.

Hotmail.com Inbox Instant and Text Messaging

Chat with your contact is also possible from being inside the Hotmail inbox. You can view your contacts on the left side and. their status depicted in different color schemes. Just Click on the contact’s name you want to chat with and simply start the chat.

Hotmail HTML feature

HTML file viewing is not available now in the later version of outlook.com, while it was available in the previous version i.e. hotmail. The Outlook Hotmail version displays the html emails in plain text.

Hotmail Edit Profile

By default, Windows Live Hotmail creates your profile automatically when a new account is created using sign up feature. You can edit your generated profile from your account. You can also alter how other people view your profile. While you can add personal information to profile from Options button, to edit the same, you have to Click the arrow on right of Options icon and Select More Options, View and go to Edit Your Personal Information. From here you can modify your whole profile including your general information, contact information and work information etc.

HotMail for I phone android and Windows Phone

Hotmail Outlook can be easily accessed on any Windows Phone, iPhone or Android phone as well. The settings for each type of phone are mentioned below separately.

HotMail Windows Mobile

To configure outlook account on a Windows phone the application needs to be downloaded on the device from app store if already not available. Then open the app, go to Settings, and then click Email & accounts. Select add an account and tap Outlook or Windows Live as applicable on your device. Then enter the Outlook.com address and the Password in the respective box. Tap Sign in to finally sign in to your outlook.com account from your mobile device.

HotMail iPhone

For iPhone, Tap Settings, and then select MailContactsCalendar. Then select Add Account in the Accounts page. Select Outlook.com or hotmail.com as applicable on your device and enter your account details i.e. your user name and password. Now select the options that you want to sync, tap Save and start using outlook.com from your iPhone.

HotMail Android Phone

You can even use Outlook account on your Android mobile phone easily with this free app. The application has to be downloaded from the app store if it is already not a feature of your android phone. After having the app available and accessing, it fill in your email address and password, and then touch Next, choose other options like sync email, its frequency and user name, and then tap Next. Outlook is ready on your android phone.

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