Step to Hide Whatsapp images from Gallery Easily

Hide Whatsapp images from Gallery – Whatsapp is an app that almost everyone uses. It is the most popular messaging app. It recently got owned up by Facebook. Whatsapp new features are making it amazing day by day. It’s very useful too. Media messaging is totally revolutionized. You can send large images in seconds. This app must be there on your phone, if you’re the one who likes sharing cool videos. This article is aimed to provide a simple guide to Hide Whatsapp images from Gallery.

Images get sent in a single touch on Whatsapp. It takes no time to get these images delivered. Sending videos is also blazing fast. Great, isn’t it? When you receive an image, it gets stored on the memory space of your phone. You can find them as Whatsapp folders. They are usually saved on the SD card. You can browse them using any file manager app.

Everybody has to deal with some nosey friends, right? People need some privacy. Some Whatsapp images are not meant to be shared. So, what should you do? Don’t worry. We will show you how to hide Whatsapp images from gallery. If you don’t want an image to be seen by your friends, then you can delete it. But if you don’t want to delete and only want to keep it private, then there are two options with you.

You could just lock it. You can simply put a password to the file manager app. No one can then play with your private images and videos. Any folder lock app will do. Here are some best ones:

Now, if you neither want to delete it nor lock it, then here we come to our last option. That is ‘Hide it’. You can hide each image file in your storage card. That would be boring, right. There are many thinkable ways to hide Whatsapp images from gallery. Here we show you two best ways to do that. Choose one method as per your convenience.

How to hide Whatsapp Images from Gallery

Manual method to hide Whatsapp images from Gallery.

Android is Linux based. We all know that. In Linux file system, if you name a folder anything that starts with the period (.) that will hide the folder. Knew that? Cool. So we can do the same in our Android OS. Rooting your phone is not needed here. So don’t freak out.

If it sounds too complicated, don’t worry. Just follow these steps. :

  1. There must be a File manager app on your phone. It lets you open the contents and folders that are stored in the memory. Popular file manager apps like ES File Explorer, Total Commander or Astro can be downloaded for free. Visit the playstore and get the app.
  2. Once you’re ready to go with your File manager app, launch it.
  3. Locate the Whatsapp folder. Can’t find it? It must be on the SD card. Now, open it…
  4. Now you will see a ‘Media’ folder. Click on it.
  5. You will find the Whatsapp images folder in it. It contains those images that you don’t want to show up in the gallery.
  6. Touch the ‘New’ option of the ES File explorer. Select ‘File’. Name the file ‘.nomedia’.
  7. Once you’re done, a file with name ‘.nomedia’ will be created.
  8. it’s done. Hover back to the Gallery and look. The images from Whatsapp have disappeared.  If you still find it there, then don’t worry.
  9. Go to Settings->Apps. And then clear the cache.

So it was that easy to hide Whatsapp images from Gallery manually.

How to undo this?

You must be curious to know, how to undo this. Undoing this is very simple. Just follow these steps to make your images again visible in the gallery. We will delete the .nomedia file that we made to hide Whatsapp images from Gallery.

  1. Go back to Whatsapp images folder using ES file explorer.
  2. Open the ‘fast access’ menu from upper left corner. Now turn on the ‘Show hidden files’ option.
  3. The ‘.nomedia’ file will be visible now. This file was created to hide Whatsapp images from Gallery.
  4. Delete it. Now turn off the ‘Show hidden files’ option.
  5. Open gallery. And it’s done. You can find the Whatsapp images there again. (Try clearing the app cache and restart the phone if necessary.)


Direct method to hide Whatsapp images from Gallery manually.

There are apps to do all the works for you. You can use some apps to hide Whatsapp images from Gallery easily. This saves some time for you. You do not need to do any work to hide Whatsapp images from Gallery. The app does it instantly for you.

Here are some apps that you could download from the Playstore. You can find many other apps that can  hide Whatsapp images from Gallery. But these are the best.

  1. Hide Whatsapp Images.


  1. WhatsHider Beta.


Both the apps are light, so it won’t take much of your memory space.

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