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Write for US – Guest Blogging on aTechGuide.com

AtechGuide.com is a tech blog, mainly focus on Blogging, SEO, Page Rank, Hosting Tips, make money online, Affiliate Tips and How to tutorials.

ATechguide.com recently enabled guest blogging for all guest bloggers, who can write article on the above topics. By publishing articles or post in atechguide.com helps you to earn money and get inbound links from us.

How to Become Guest Author/Blogger in AtechGuide.com

  • Register an Account in AtechGuide.com   Email Us
  • Complete Your Profile Details with Full Name, Biography (Short Profile about you), Home Page, Facebook Page and Twitter URL
  • Signup to Gravatar.com and upload your photo for more visibility. Kindly update your personal photo, don’t upload any Cartoons or celebrities photo. If you have a real photo uploaded in Gravatar so your photo will appear on your article Bio.
  • Share your Blogging experience / Guest Blogging details through Contact form or Email.
  • Once review completed on your profile then Email will send to you. Then you can submit your articles.
  • Your Article also reviewed before publish.

Note: Don’t misuse this opportunity or Spam us. This guest blogging will benefit to both of us. So please write a quality article.

Benefits of guest Blogging on aTechGuide

  • You will get two Back-links (Only in Biography) to your website from the article written by you. Your Author Profile/Biography will be popular.
  • You Can Earn Money from your Article (Follow the Below Guidelines to Earn)

Guidelines to Earn Money

If your post’s unique view per month is more than 3K, then you will get 2USD for the first month. If it increases to 9K unique view per month within 3 months then you will get 10 USD one time. (Total 10+2=12USD)


  • You have written an article, How to Increase your Computer Speed Quickly on 20 July 2013.And if that article gets 3K unique page view before 20 August 2013 then you will get 2USD.
  • If your article gets 24K-27K unique view in the next 90 days, which is 21 August 2013 to 21 October 2013 then you will get 10 USD on October.
  • All of your Payments will deposit through PayPal only. No Other payment mode.
  • Then what else write a quality article and get your pocket-money.

Terms and Conditions

  • Kindly read the Terms and Conditions before Submit your articles.
  • Your Articles must be original and unique. Article should not repost on any other blog or you should not repost any article on atechguide.com.
  • Articles should contain relevant images. Images should not copy from any other bog or copyrighted website.
  • Articles should write by more than 400+ words, more informative, SEO Rich and without any spelling or grammar mistakes.
  • Articles must be in our niche(Blogging, SEO, Increase Page Rank, Website Traffic Hosting Tips, make money online, Affiliate Tips and How to tutorials)
  • Article should not contain any outbound links or affiliate links.
  • ATechguide has the rights to remove links, Bio or article at any time.
  • If any comments need to reply in the article written by you, then you should reply within 3-4 days.

If you are violating any Terms and conditions mentioned above, then strict action will be taken. These Rules are not hard to follow. It’s followed by you on your own blog, we just asked you to follow the same here.

For other queries you can contact us through contact form or send direct email to admin@atechguide.com.

If you are facing an issues in login or registration Kindly contact us via email – admin@atechguide.com

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