How to get a .edu email Address Free

.Edu mail addresses are provided by colleges and universities to their students and staffs. Getting an .edu mail ID is not an easy one, because no college will give .edu mail-ID for free. If you have .edu mail address, you will get some offers from websites like DropBox, Amazon and so on. In this article am going to share, How to get a .edu email address for free.

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Advantage of having .Edu Email:

1)    Offers in Buying Soft wares.
2)    Offers in Online Booking tickets, Educational resources, Book and so on.
Having .edu mail address is just like student ID card with that we can get only offers and save some money.

How to get a .edu email address for Free

Method 1

How to get a .edu email address free

How to get a .edu email address

  1. Go here – Link
  2. Fill Your Date of Birth, Names and School Grade details.
  3. Fill Username and Email Password details
  4. After then click “Create My Account”
  5. That’s it. Now you get

Method 2

how to get a edu email address free

how to get a edu email address free

  1. Visit Link
  2. Fill You National ID (SSN) and other personal details. If you don’t have your SSID create fake from online.
  3. After completing your registrations you will get an .edu mail address.
  4. Your email address looks like your
  5. After some time your account will be activated.
  6. Go to login link to login in .edu email account with your username and password.

Updated Link to Create EDU Mail ID – CaliforniaColleges

After complete your registration in then open this link. Then login to this using your MEID and password.How To: Get A Free .EDU Email Address - Edu Email

Now you got two .edu email address. Congrats now you got two .edu email id free, by these two .edu email address you can grab so many offers.

Some more Websites

Home Page:  Education in Australia – College, University, TAFE – international students, free email –
Sign Up Form: Australia Mail – Signup Today For A Free Australia Email Account

Some more Advantages of having .edu email address

1)    Amazon Prime for Students.
2)    Microsoft Dreamsparks Offer
3)    Discounts for MS products. Win7 Pro for $29.99, MS Office cheap, etc…
4)    Dropbox gives more space for .edu mail address.

If you know any other ways to create .edu email-ID Kindly share with us.


  1. Zach says

    I registered for a .edu email on “”. Everything went fine, but I want to check the emails that are sent to my own email. How do I find that?

  2. Shakil Mahmud says

    But their mail system is currently shutdown is there any alternative way to open a .edu mail account.
    Thank you

  3. Holy True says

    Sorry to say, but Maricopa was “banned” by most services for which purpose I needed it. Like DropBox and Amazon.
    And do not work.

    I am a student, but not American one and wanted .edu email for Office 365 free offer from Microsoft.

  4. Ace says

    I like this a lot thanks :) … George Brown didn’t give me a e-mail so I got this ;) works like a charm


  5. anonymouse says

    I grabbed an .edu email account from but does not work with M$ office or any other M$ products, although seems to work great with most other student discounts that I have tried! ;)


  6. cheap percussion for kids says

    i searched it up already and i know timpani was definitely used but are there any other percussion instruments?

    • Michael says

      We do in the US too… this is a workaround for those who are not students, or perhaps go to an unaccredited school.

  7. ezekieljd says worked, but I cannot check the email address. Can you please tell me how to access the email?

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