5 Best Free Backlink Checker Tools Online

Backlink is an important concept in SEO. You have to get quality back links from good page rank website, otherwise having backlink is a waste one and you will affect Google panda Alogrithm. There are many tools available in online to check your backlink free. Here am sharing the best free backlink checker tool.

How to check your backlinks for free

In below listed backlink checker tools type your website URL and click the submit button. The tool provides the list of backlink of the typed website.

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List of Free Backlink Checker Tools

Free Backlink Checker Tool

Google Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster is a famous SEO tool provides by Google. This tool provides lots of information about your website which is used for SEO purpose.  In Google webmaster tools under traffic tab click “Links to your site”.


Webmaster tool lists all backlink of your site, most linked content and Your How your data is linked.
You can download those details in csv format from Google webmaster.


Backlinks are not exact one. It just provide home page URL of the backlink.




RankSignals.com is another best tool to check your backlink for free. Open RankSignals.com and type the URL and click Explore Links button then this tool list all the backlink of the given URL.


  1. Give the Alexa, Page Rank for given URL.
  2. Total no of Backlinks
  3. List the Backlinks with exact URL and Link Anchor Text
  4. PageRank of the Backlink URL.


  1. Not Downloadable

Opensiteexplorer.Org (Not Free)

Opensiteexplorer.Org is used to check your backlink for free but limited. But you can get total no of backlinks and the URL of the backlinks.


  1. List Title and URL of Linking Page and Link Anchor Text of the website.
  2. Exact backlink URL
  3. Details of follow and nofollow


  1. Not free, Limited
  2. Not Downloadable



Alexa is one a famous website rank tool. Alexa provides so much information about website like keyword research, backlinks, Alexa rank and much more .Alexa provides the list of Backlinks too.


  1. It’s very simple.
  2. Provides lots of useful SEO Data about the website.


  1. Not Downloadable
  2. No Details of follow and nofollow

These above listed free backlink checker tools are the best online tool to check your backlink. You can share your comments about those above mentioned tools

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