How to find wordpress theme of a Blog

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Word press theme is a heart of a blog. Bloggers in the world never satisfies with their theme. If they see a new wordpress theme, they think as this theme is better than my theme. If a new white theme also sometime attracted with so many bloggers. To that bloggers am sharing how to find wordpress theme of a blog easily.

Find WordPress theme using Source Code

To find a theme of a wordpress just see the source code of that blog. You can see the source code of blog by pressing Ctrl + U in Firefox, Page+ View Source in IE.

find wordpress theme

In the source code you can see the code for the style sheet link. In that style sheet link you can see the theme name as below.
<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”” type=”text/css” media=”screen” />

In the style sheet code after the theme folder you can see the wordpress theme name. In the above code theme name is octavecms.

Find WordPress theme using whatwpthemeisthat

  1. Open the URL
  2. Type your URL and click check Website.
  3. Now you can see theme name, theme home page and so on.

find wordpress theme

By those above two methods you can find wordpress theme of any blog. If you know any other method kindly share with us.

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