Why Fast Internet Speed is Important for Your Blog to Go Viral

The term “viral,” in medical terms, refers to a form of disease that is infectious or communicable. Fast internet speed is a must in making your blog viral. Applied to the internet, “going viral” means successfully “infecting” online users with any form of media—which could be a video, a picture, a blog post, a tweet, or whatever form of content—interesting enough to spread through their social media networks and other online means.

According to Internet World Stats, there are over 2 billion internet users in the world, which makes the internet the best way to reach a larger audience. With people always hooked up to the internet using their laptop computers and smartphones, it is easy to see why online marketers attempt to “go viral” in their marketing campaigns.

How to Make Something Go Viral

Viral marketing has become a widely accepted practice to increase brand awareness over the last decade. Also referred to as viral advertising or generating marketing buzz, the technique uses social networking and other technologies to generate intensification of consciousness. It is also a strategy used to increase product sales or to meet other marketing objectives via self-replicating viral processes.

Any content that catches people’s attention has the possibility to become viral within the next few hours or days of launch. To make something go viral, marketers aim to produce content with high social networking potential and that can be shared by users using different social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Aside from marketers, bloggers also try to keep up with the trend by posting content with the potential to go viral. Any individual can produce “viral worthy” content via the internet—and many internet users have successfully done so without even intending to. If you look at things that went viral over the last five years or so, you may notice that in a lot of cases, creators did not expect their material to go viral at all.

It is the public that makes or breaks your viral marketing plan, and in order to be successful, you would have to put yourself in the minds of your audience and create something that appeals to them.

But First… You Need Fast Internet Speed!

Anyone can definitely try to make something with the potential to go viral—you may already have some ideas yourself. However, one of the first things to consider is whether or not your internet connection can handle it. Here are the reasons why you need to switch to a faster connection if you want your blog to go viral:

Faster Browsing

Fast internet connection allows you to access more information and material online for your campaign, definitely making it easier and quicker to make something go viral. Internet trends change rapidly and you definitely need to keep up! Having real-time access to whatever’s trending at the moment and knowing what’s hot at any given time is an advantage to viral marketers.

Downloading and Streaming

Faster download speed matters, most especially if you often browse and download videos and photos. There’s a lot of users against whom you will be competing with. If you’re a blogger, someone else might beat you in creating a post about a video which went viral a few hours ago because it took you forever to download.

Faster Uploading

If you’re the type of person who likes to make viral-worthy video blogs, often called vlogs, then you definitely need faster internet connection for uploading content. If your connection is slow, you risk being beaten by someone else to spreading content you found online with strong viral potential.

Boost Your Page Rank
Blogs can be optimised more efficiently if you have a reliable internet connection. Any SEO (search engine optimization) task you need to execute can be done much more quickly. If you are able to rank higher on search engine pages, there’s a bigger chance of you reaching your target audience—and for them to access you viral posts.

Competition is stiff in the viral marketing world. You may have creativity, imagination, and the eye to spot trends with viral potential but the limelight might be stolen from you by someone with the faster, more reliable internet connection. Get an edge with a faster broadband internet speed. It’s the most effective and powerful tool so support your viral marketing campaign.

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