5 Killer Ways to extend battery life to Long term work

Next to mobile phones, laptop is another important electronic device which we are using daily. If we are in any place we need laptops. Nowadays laptops are the important devices and good friend to everybody. Some people can’t live without laptop.   But all of this fame to laptop is, when it has the power. So we need to know how to extend battery life to work more with laptops.

5 Killer Ways to extend battery life

Charging Laptop

Whenever you need power then plug the charger with laptop. Buy an additional charger so you can use one in office and another one in home. If you think always supplying power to laptop reduce the battery life then you are wrong. Latest lithium batteries automatically stop charging when battery power is full, so battery doesn’t get heat. Don’t worry about always charging.

extend battery life

2. Screen Brightness

Screen brightness is one of the important factors for long battery. Led backlights are used in laptops screen, it won’t consume more power but still we should not spend more power for pack lights. While using laptop in battery, we should use power saver mode. Using power saver mode helps laptop to consume less power.

3. Unwanted Application

Some unwanted and incorrect installed application reduces laptop life. These applications consume more CPU power. Consuming more CPU power means more power to run the application. Latest CPU’s automatically change its clock speed based on the need. But we should find those applications which crashing frequently and consuming more, then we need to stop those applications.

4. Unwanted devices

Find the unused device like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Modem and so on and then stop it. when you are using laptop in battery mode. You can enable those devices when you need.So don’t waste your energy on those unused devices

5. Background applications

When you are using laptop through battery then close the unnecessary programs which run in background. Mainly some programs like adobe updater will connect to internet and update its version. Find and Stop those applications when your laptop is in battery mode. Because those applications are waste the laptops power.

These are the ways to extend battery life, and make you to use laptop for some more time. If you know any other ways to extend laptop battery life easily, then share with us through comments.MH7D2WR38UNZ

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