6 Quick Ways to Solve DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error

What is DNS probe finished no internet? – We often fail to connect to the internet using our browser, although internet connection is active. The browser page shows DNS probe finished no internet indicating DNS server error.

This is a common error faced by many internet users from various devices across the globe. Let’s find out what is DNS first and then move to the solutions. The Domain Name System, or DNS, is an ascending chronological naming system that translates human given names of websites into numerical IP addresses in order to create a machine readable identity.

These units are more like phone numbers, which is why DNS is called internet’s ‘phone book’. When someone puts a URL, or domain name into the specific place of web browser, DNS turns it into IP address and sends it to DNS server to locate and identify computer services. It also functions on the basis of network protocols. Setting up one of the most fundamental links between the server and users of the internet, Domain Name System plays a vital role in the internet functionalities.

DNS Probe Finished No Internet

Usually DNS errors include DNS server down, mismatched IP address in the registry, missing name server etc. Above all, to an end user, when the computer shows DNS error, it might appear that the internet is down. But the fact is that the user’s DNS server is not being communicated properly. Nevertheless, it is always frustrating to get DNS probe finished no internet error, as it reduces productivity considerably.

What Are the Root Causes Of DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error List?

There could be several causes for DNS failure. In most cases the user cannot access the internet. Below are causes of specific DNS errors.

  1. IP configuration pointed towards public server

It is one of the most happening DNS error. Every network interface possesses its own IP settings. This sits all DNS servers that the interface uses. When a single computer signals to be a public server, it confuses the IP resolver as it fails to locate SRV registries. A single computer cannot function in a domain unless it gains the access to those SRV registries. After that it behaves oddly.

  1. Inconsistent handling of DNS Suffix

People usually dislike to press extra keys while typing a domain name. The smaller and simpler, the better—a philosophy we uncannily fall prey to in our day to day lives. But in terms of DNS server receiving IP addresses from a computer, the more elaborate the address is, the lesser the chance of bouncing it back. In fact, DNS servers prefer queries to point at target domains, as this helps them locate appropriate zonal files.

  1. Faulty forwarding configuration

Usually a DNS server provides search results to its clients upon requests for resources existing in outside domains. The searching here is done by the DNS server alone and this cause a problem. Often an internal server is overworked by replying to repeated requests by public hosts. This makes lacking enough resources to tackle the queries made by the zones under its own domain.

  1. Improper configuration of Zone Transfer

Sometimes DNS administrators might do changes in zone files raising problems regarding zone transferring by Windows DNS. It is mainly because the central zone file does not possess all updates.

  1. Lame delegation

When a DNS server, especially the child one, is put down for maintenance and the administrator of the DNS is not informed, the delegation registry possessed by parent zone gets disabled. This is commonly known as lame delegation.

Besides, backdated and incorrect DNS servers and less fault tolerance by DNS server can give rise to DNS probe finished no internet error.

DNS_Probe_Finished_No_Internet Solutions

1. Using Command Prompt

Using command prompt is one of the most used solutions for DNS errors. This is a quite simple and standard way to get over the trouble.

dns probe finished no internet

  • Firstly, type cmd in the search option of Windows. Hitting enter button will open up the command box that has black background.
  • There type ‘netsh winsock reset’ and press Enter. After this the computer should be restarted to solve the problem.
  • If above command does not help, we can be sure that there remains an issue with the IP address.
  • To resolve IP issue type ‘ipconfig /release’ in command box and press enter. After that we need to type ‘ipconfig /renew’ before hitting enter one more time. Ipconfig and the forward slash should have a space between them.
  • Finally, to flashing DNS will require to type ‘ipconfig /flushdns’ in the command box before hitting enter. This should resolve the connection issue.

Once you typed all the commands, restart your computer, that’s all. Your dns_probe_finished_no_internet related problem will be gone. Now you can surf the internet without any problem

  1. Change TCP/IP address

This is another handy solution to DNS server error. One can change his/her computer’s automated DNS addresses. For this you need to open the network sharing center of windows.

By accessing through ‘properties’, ‘internet protocol version 4’, and ‘properties’, the user should put in the server box. There is another DNS box where you put then putting a check mark on the box beside press ok. This should change the server addresses while marking it as Open DNS instead.

  1. Update driver software

We often have obsolete drivers for our internet settings. Renewing the drivers can often solve DNS issues.

For updating network drivers one needs to click open ‘Device Manager’ from control panel and select the network devices from there to update their drivers. This is nothing complicated compared to resetting DNS servers.

  1. Clear Cache, Reinstall the browser

To clear cache and resetting browsers one needs to access the setting option of a particular browser, be it Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

In setting option there remains an option for advanced settings. There one can find the options for clearing cache and resetting Browser, although it might vary in browsers, but most standard ones should have one.

Chrome – Shortcut key To Clear Cache in Chrome is Ctrl+Shift+Delete. It will open the popup window like below. From there select all option and click Clear Browsing Data Button.

Firefox – Shortcut key is Ctrl+Shift+Delete and step also same. Here you have to click Clear Now Button.

Again, to reinstall a browser one needs to uninstall it first. After uninstalling from ‘uninstall software’ one can reinstall it by either downloading it from the internet or from the installation file previously saved somewhere the computer.

  1. Router Needs To Be Rebooted Or Power Cycled

Rebooting the router can be effective for solving ‘DNS probe finished no internet’ error. To reboot the router you need to use the specific URL for the router brand to put in the search bar of the browser before pressing inter.

Mostly the URL available in backside of the Router, so you can check there.

Need to login first in your Router URL configuration, and then go to ‘System Tools’ to select the reboot option. Again, for power cycling of the router you need to unplug it from power for about five minutes before turning it on again.

  1. Settings Of Internet Security And Firewall

Very often the firewall blocks specific websites for various security reasons. Software that ensures internet security does that too. To find out, you can explore the settings.


The above solution will solve your dns_probe_finished_no_internet problem. You can tell which solution has solved your problem. If your problem still exists share in comment, we can bring another solution which can solve your problem.

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