[Solved] Easy Way to display AdSense below post title by 5 Steps in WordPress

Mostly we will use blogger or WordPress for blogging. In those blogging platforms, if you want to monetize your blog then you have to display ads. To display ads on attractive place and to increase CTR, you have to display AdSense below post title, so the visitor can see that ads quickly. Google AdSense allows to display ads below post title, so no need to worry about that. It may be your affiliate URL too.

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 Reason to test your changes in local WordPress

  1. Don’t do any change or modification in your blog directly. If any mistakes happened in your blog then it might cause some serious issue. So install your WordPress blog on your local wamp server and check your changes there. If it’s working in local WordPress then add in your real blog.
  2.  You might feel this is an extra work, but it is very safe.

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 Steps to Display Adsense below post title on WordPress

  1. Login into your WordPress localhost
  2. Under Appearance, Click Editor.
  3. Click Single post (Single.php) link in Right side of the WordPress. (Take backup of your single.php code in a notepad.
  4. Search for php the_title(); or <!–.headline_area–> in single.php. (Press Ctrl+F button then paste php the_title(); so you can easily find the code line). This is the code to display your post title.
  5. At the end of your php the_title(); Code past your ads code.

AdSense below post title

Note: This code will differ if you are using different theme. But if you paste your code next to php the_title();  then you can display your ads below to post title. By this method not only Google AdSense, you can display any other advertisement and affiliates also in your WordPress blog.

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