[Solved] How to completely disable metro UI windows 8

[Solved] How to completely disable metro UI windows 8

Metro UI is a new feature in windows 8 which is not available on previous version of windows. It’s a new designed kind of start menu to Windows 8. Microsoft windows have designed windows 8 for mobile as well as to PC. Metro UI is best suit for the touchscreen mobiles not for laptops. But still some fellow like Metro UI and some don’t like.

If you don’t like that Metro UI you can disable through some modification in windows registry keys. Changing windows registry key method won’t work in Windows PRO versions. Here am sharing three methods to completely disable metro UI windows 8.

Method One – Retro UI Method

Thinix has released a utility name Retro UI. This Retro UI used to disable and remove the Metro UI in windows 8.

This app has been downloaded from Thinix but its costs $4.95 per user. This application helps to resize Windows Store apps, allows you to block Windows 8 HotCorners, and includes TabletView. Using this Retro UI you can disable metro UI windows 8 completely.

Method Two – Disable Metro UI from Windows 8 Free

This is a free method to disable windows Metro UI from Windows 8. WinAero has developed an application called MetroController. This MetroController disable all the new features or only the metro features. To install metro UI you need .Net 3.5 framework. After installation it promotes to diable all features or only Metro features, select “Disable only Metro features”.

Method 3 – Registry Edit

disable metro UI windows 8

disable metro UI windows 8

  1. Open the Regedit and navigate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
  2. Expand it and find software, again expand then find Microsoft.
  3. Navigate to Windows->CurrentVersion->Explorer
  4. You will see RPenabled in right side of the registry key.
  5. Change the value from 1 to 0.

But most of the persons are we are not able to see RPenabled registry key in Registry.

Try the above methods, sure any one method will help you to disable Windows Metro feature. I think soon windows will come with option to disable and enable this Windows Metro feature.

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