How to Disable Firefox plugin automatically when it’s not required

Firefox is one of the popular browsers used to surf internet. It has lots of amazing features to make user comfortable while browsing. If the same browser takes more time to load or get hanged in the middle of browsing, then it will irritate you

Mostly browser will get hang because of unwanted plugins. If you have option to disable the plugins like flash and activate when it’s need, then it is a wonderful option.

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If you ask the question whether Firefox has the option to Disable Firefox plugin automatically? Yes Firefox has the option to disable plugins automatically

How to disable Firefox plugin automatically when it’s not required

  • Open your Firefox browser.
  • Type about:config in address browser and click enter.
  • Now you will get warning message like “This might void you warranty!” Click the button “I’ll be careful, I promise;”
  • In the search bar type “plugins.click_to_play;”
  • Next Change the value from false to true.

disable Firefox pluginNow if you open you can see like below image .Firefox will promote you to activate flash plugin. If the website doesn’t have flash player then default Firefox disable plugin.If the website required plugins then Firefox promote you to activatedisable Firefox plugin

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By this way you are not disable Firefox plugin, you are reducing memory consumption used by Firefox browser and increasing browsing speed.

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