Easy Tutorial for creating a WordPress website within 3 minutes

A brief about creating a WordPress website in WordPress.com

WordPress is one of the most powerful blogging platforms. In minutes, you can now create a free website or blog with WordPress.com. Without any doubt, WordPress is the most popular content management system as well. In this tutorial, you will be able to learn about creating a WordPress website on WordPress.com. For creating a WordPress site, you can buy domain or use free subdomain of WordPress.com. Here, we will let you know about building and installing a WordPress site.

Taking Preparation to Build you own WordPress Site


creating a WordPress website

Build / creating a WordPress website

1.    Signing up in WordPress.com

At first, you have to create an account with WordPress.com. You need to visit www.wordpress.com and click “get started” button. After that, you will be redirected into the “signup” page. Now you have to fill out the form. At the fifth field, you will find “blog address”. At that place, you have to enter the domain name. If you do not have domain, you can create free subdomain.

After that, you have to check your email for completing registration. After opening the mail, click “activate blog” button. Now you will be redirected to setup page. After entering blog title and tagline, you have to choose a theme. However, the pages will guide you to complete the initial set up.

After completion of initial setup, you will be good to go with your free wordpress site. In that case, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps from number 7. If you are going to use another host, you have to follow the below mentioned steps from the beginning.

    2.    Preparing the server for WordPress

At first, you have to ensure that your web hosting is going to support the minimum requirement of WordPress. For installing WordPress, your webhosting account should support at least MySQL 4 and PHP 4.If you are going to utilize the search engine friendly URL feature of WordPress, your hosting account should have “mod_rewrite” apache module.

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    3.    Creating the database

At the next step of creating a WordPress website, you have to create database for the WordPress. Hundreds of ways are available for doing this. Your web host may offer database management in the control panel of your account. Some web hosts may need you to utilize 3rd party database management software.

    4.    Creating a MySQL user and connecting your website via FTP

After completing the database creation, you have to create a MySQL user. You also need to give it complete permission over your database. While specifying the password, you should choose a password, which would not be easy to guess.

After that, you have to connect the website via File Transfer Protocol. Here, you have to take help from the support department of your web host. They will provide instruction on how to connect the website via FTP. To do so, at first you need to unzip latest version of WordPress on the local machine. After that, you must upload the files on web accessible folder of your web hosting account.

5.    Installing WordPress

After connecting your website via file transfer protocol, WordPress automated installation program will run. Here, WordPress will ask for location of database server. You should try “localhost” at first. If it gives an error message, you should take help from the support team of your web host. After that, WordPress will ask for that database you are going to use with WordPress. It will also ask for the user and credentials for accessing the database you have already created.

Now, you have to enter the name of database. Put user name as well as password in the respective fields. In case of error message, check the name of database again, password and username. If all of your tries fail, you should delete and create database along with user by using database administrator.

    6.    Logging in to your admin control panel

After doing previous steps perfectly, you will get an onscreen message showing, “WordPress is installed correctly”. For entering into the admin panel, you need to enter the admin user name and password into the respected fields. After that, you should be in the admin control panel of your WordPress site. It can be used to modify your site in according to your need.

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Creating a WordPress website Part 2

7.    Logging in and exploring the admin control panel

After setting up the account, you can now log in and explore the admin control panel. Try to be familiar with various types of tools available for you. You have to use those for customizing and creating a WordPress website. Here, page and post builders are the most important tools. Post and pages will create almost everything of your website.

However, you should learn the difference between post and pages. Actually, blog entries are known as posts. You can use post for adding new stories. On the other hand, pages are static. You should use pages for those contents, which do not need to change much. Pages will be listed as well. Furthermore, posts will be pushed down after addition of new posts.

    8.    Add new posts and customize your site

After becoming familiar with the much needed tools, you can now add new posts as well as pages. For adding a post, you have to log in and find “post manager”. From that place, you will be able to add, edit and delete posts. Pages are similar to posts as well. After starting to add pages and posts, your site will begin to flesh out.

Hundreds of ways are available for customizing your WordPress website and extending functionality. At the official website of WordPress, you will find thousands of plug-ins. For installing, you have to use FTP. You have to upload the code into the “plugin” folder of WordPress installation. After that, log into admin control panel and activate the plugin.

In case of creating a WordPress site with free WordPress hosting, you will be able to activate plug-ins from admin panel. To add a theme is very similar to adding a plug-in. At first, you need to choose a theme for customizing the look of the website. There are hundreds of free themes available at the official website of WordPress.com. To install the theme, upload the code and images into “themes” directory of WordPress installation.

After that, you have to enter into the admin panel and activate the theme. In case of free WordPress subdomain, you will be able to change your theme from admin control panel. After completion of basic customization, you will be able to modify your site anytime you need.

If you have any queries related to install WordPress, kindly share with us. We will try our best to solve your issue.

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