Best Ways to Download Clash of Clans for PC

The popular mobile game Clash of Clans for PC has made its way from the mobile phone to be compatible with your computers as well. Now, you can not only play on your mobile phone which is really convenient, the more serious players of Clash of Clans can now have it on their computers as well, allowing more people to gain access to the game.

Why You Should Have Clash of Clans for PCs

If you have not heard about this well-known mobile game before, let me introduce you to Clash of Clans. Basically, Clash of Clans for PC is a multiplayer strategy game. The main aim of the game is to build up your village through obtaining resources. By expanding your village through the resources that you have obtained, your empire and power will grow. However, unlike other boring games where you just obtain resources to build structures, Clash of Clans has the added element of the multiplayer mode, which allows strangers to attack your village and plunder your resources. That means that in order for your village not to be totally destroyed, you need to build up your defenses around the village to prevent the attackers from doing too much damage to your village.

How should we start building up our village?

If you are new to the game, you might feel a bit clueless about the things that are going on in the game. Looking at all the high-leveled players in the game and their bases makes you feel so demoralized that you just started. Don’t worry comrade; if you plan your village and develop it well, it will become as prosperous as the others’ villages. The guide may seem a bit helpful at the start and everyone would do the same thing by building gold mines, elixir collectors, and gold and elixir storage units. However, once the barracks and all the other complicated things come into play, what should we prioritize so that our village makes the greatest progress overnight?

Best Ways to Download

Firstly, for people who have just started the game Clash of Clans for PC, you get a shield for a few hours to protect yourself from any attackers because your village is too weak. With that in mind, the smart thing to do would be to build up your resources collection and storage units so that you can build more things in the long run. You do not have to worry about the amount of troops you have to make because no one will be able to attack you at that point in time, and hence, you should not attempt to break the shield by attacking someone. (For your information, if you attack someone while you have a shield, your shield automatically disables, allowing people to attack you as well.)

You should also save up the resources used for defenses such as cannons and archer towers. Since nobody is attacking you for that period of time, there is absolutely no need to have upgraded cannons and archer towers to defend your village from nothing.

After upgrading your elixir collectors and gold mines to at least level 3, you are pretty much set to start building up your defenses and troops. Once the shield is turned off, you need to be ready to defend yourself against the most basic types of troops that the other villages may send over to plunder your resources. Since you just started playing the game, you might not have enough resources to get the best defenses to prevent the attack from doing too much damage. Considering that, we must play strategically in order for the enemy to not win the battle.

The most important strategy that anyone playing this Clash of Clans for PC game should have would be the placement of buildings and defensive structures. The town hall and storage units are where all of your resources are kept, and you would not want these resources to be take away from you, therefore, the smart and logical thing to do would to place all of your defenses around your precious resources so that they will not get destroyed. With your storage units and town hall in the center, you should place your defenses in between your barracks with all the troop related things and the resources layer. That is because when the enemy troops attack your village, the first thing that they destroy is not your resources and not your defenses, but your useless army camps and barracks. The army camps and barracks are useless in this situation because no matter how good your troops are; they cannot break free from the camp or something to defend your village. We could make use of the time taken for the enemy troops to attack and destroy your barracks and army camps to let our defenses attack the enemy troops. Basically, the use of the barracks and army camps is to stall for time while our archer towers and cannons attack the enemies.

Since attacks run on time, and the attack ends once the time runs out, if the enemy wastes time attacking our barracks and army camps, they have less time and fewer troops to attack our resources, in the event that their troops make it to our resources. As long as they have not destroyed the majority of our base, as is well as the village would be successfully defended.

Other than placing your buildings centered on your resources, there are also many other formations that you can consider when placing your buildings. A very odd but surprisingly effective formation for you to consider would be to place your buildings far away from each other. This is because troops take time to travel from one place to another, and time could be wasted in battle while they do so. The lesser the time the troops have to attack your resources, the fewer the amounts of resources they take away with them at the end of the day.

These are some additional details about battles in Clash of Clans for PC that you might find informative. When you attack someone in the game, the troops that you call into battle cannot be controlled manually. They are automatically controlled to move in certain directions. Although this might be frustrating when that one archer chooses to shoot at the wrong building, this feature is just to increase the convenience of the game. So while your troops are being deployed, you can just sit back and relax. Other than the fact that you cannot manually control your troops’ movement in Clash of Clans, your troops automatically die after every battle even they are not killed by the opponent’s defenses. That is one of the downsides to this game because I personally feel that if I accidentally put too many troops to overrun the village and I have so many survivors left, it seems fair that the survivors should be able to return to the village. On the other hand, if this measure was not put in place, just imagine how many high-leveled players would just send their whole army to destroy a lower-leveled player’s village.

What are your views about Clash of Clans? Play Clash of Clans for PC and tell us what you think about it! If you find that there are any issues with the new Clash of Clans for PC, then please do notify us so that we can rectify it as soon as possible to make gameplay more enjoyable on the PC.

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