How to Choose a Web Hosting Service for your Project

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Development of the Internet and cloud computing technology has influenced large companies and one-man businesses alike to rethink their online strategies in order to enhance their sales. It has practically become a necessity for every contemporary business to develop a neat and informative website in order to expand their online presence and this is why there are so many different hosting providers out there.

Developing a website that would help you achieve your business goals is an exhaustive and complicated task. What is common to all the novice bloggers, however, is that their worries usually start with the choice of an appropriate hosting provider. A variety of platforms and services available can make this decision even more complex but you must make sure you don’t make an initial mistake and choose a provider that actually suits your needs.

Outline your goals

To be able to achieve competitive edge in the blogosphere, first you need to know exactly what it is that you want to achieve with your website. Clearly, if you weren’t looking for the ways to make some money with your website, you probably wouldn’t be reading this and you’d start with a basic WordPress or Blogger package.

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Since this is not the case, chances are you want your website to grow, which is why you must be careful about making a long-term commitment with any hosting provider. Once your website starts getting large amounts of traffic, you won’t be able to tolerate extensive downtime or slow speed. Therefore, you should make sure you always choose a hosting provider that would allow you to upgrade to a better service any time you want. For this purpose, you may want to choose a cloud hosting, as it provides excellent services in terms of resource scalability.

Develop content strategy

It is difficult to predict how your website will look in distant future but it is usually easy to plan the kind of content you will be offering to your readers. Will you be updating your website regularly over the next several years? Will you be offering some multimedia content to your readers?

If this is the case, you’ll definitively have to choose an advanced hosting plan. This will require you to invest more money right from the start to ensure that you always have enough disk space and bandwidth for storing larger files. Mind you, if your website experiences downtime frequently, you may end up losing readers, which is a situation you cannot allow.

Consider the pricing plans

The price of a hosting service is probably the first factor you considered after you had decided to start blogging. Naturally, premium pricing plans offer the best possible performance and have excellent features but you must ask yourself whether this is what you really need.

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Investing a lot in a hosting service is usually a requirement for big businesses and if you are not sure whether you’d need all the space and bandwidth offered in the most expensive plan, you better not opt for this solution. If you don’t intend to add a lot of pages to your website or update it on a daily basis, it may be reasonable to choose a plan that will cover your basic needs and wouldn’t make you waste money on resources you won’t actually use.


Choosing a web host is a strategic decision and it shouldn’t be made ad-hoc. If you contemplate the steps outlined above, you’ll realize how much thought you need to invest in this decision. What you need to do first is to get introduced to the major web hosting companies such as JustHost and GoDaddy and consider their pricing plans. Browse their websites and user reviews to find out more about their services. Also, make sure you know about cloud web hosting providers such as Joyent and GoGrid. In case you have any doubts about their services, don’t hesitate to contact them and ask them for their recommendations. This is certainly the best way to be sure that their offers will actually fit your requirements

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